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I like poems that do new things with sexuality, race and gender; that carry on conversations, however haphazardly or cantankerously, with poets of the past, as well as making moves on a future that we thought was changed for good by Modernism.
Waxman's aunt, who ran a small liberal Westside newspaper, the LA Reporter, was so cantankerously principled in her politics that the paper endorsed Waxman's opponent.
The gig climaxed with Mathias leaping into the crowd for a full on bass freak-out while Falkous cantankerously dissembled still-drumming Jack Egglestone's kit only for the sticksman to give up trying and begin whipping off his clothes.
In an interview shortly before his death, Hedrick cantankerously stated, "My career has never really taken off in the usual sense.
On an international expedition last summer, scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) collected sonar data with ABE (the Autonomous Benthic Explorer) that was turned into a richly textured three-dimensional seascape of the cantankerously cratered Brothers Volcano, roughly 290 miles (537 kilometers) northeast of New Zealand.
Often described - accurately - as a paid-up member of the awkward squad, Deary's success has allowed him to carry on cantankerously.
Of course he's been this plot route before, Throw Momma From The Train being an earlier tale about two people trying to rid themselves of a cantankerously malicious old dear.