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On top of his usual cantankerousness and unpredictability he suffered from the effects of pain-killing drugs taken because of his injury from the assassination attempt.
The positive aspect of the institutionalized cantankerousness of Europe, which largely accounts for the creativity of the European mind over many centuries, lies in the unparalleled wealth of opportunities it provides for such processes to work upon individual minds.
Homsey found the sorrow, the pity, and the cantankerousness of the human spirit.
Still, despite these bouts of cantankerousness, Deetjen's became such a fixture of Big Sur life that Helmuth and Helen acquired the honorifics "Grandpa" and "Grandma.
A tougher, more tangled, thornier bundle of arboreal cantankerousness would be hard to find.
It is that spirit, that humanity, that may help Long prove herself a force for good in modern politics, a character cocktail of compassion and cantankerousness that is both puzzling and endearing.
But, if possible, Eugene is extremely laid back in its cantankerousness, the love child of lumberjacks and the free-thinking University of Oregon.
A general cantankerousness remains in these crumbling settlements, though.
The excess of amiability, according to Aristotle, is obsequiousness, sometimes accompanied by self-serving motives, and the defect is cantankerousness, churlishness, or contentiousness (1126b).