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What's one of the many refreshing things about Fountain's novel, however, is the fact that he deftly exposes such blatant hypocrisy without resorting to preachy cantankerousness.
It is impossible to overstate the pettiness, the cantankerousness and the self-serving use of their proteges by these deities for their own ends.
Proper and effective communication can lead to a better understanding and eliminate a lot of cantankerousness.
A certain political cantankerousness, which we should have seen coming, given that, in deciding to even become a state, voters turned down the prospect three times before saying yes.
Smoking ganja with his oxygen mask still on, prolag Toni seems the perfect poster boy for the libertine revolution, but loneliness and fast-approaching death humanize this hardliner without robbing him of his charming cantankerousness.
His face has the canine cantankerousness of a mutt on David Letterman's Stupid Pet Tricks.
The Ordnance Survey Memoirs for County Antrim in the 1830s are full of complaints about the cantankerousness of Presbyterians who still refused to pay tithes or small dues in the years leading up to tithe commutation in 1838.
On the flight back from Scotland last week we sat in front of a chap who took the concept of the Grumpy Old Man to hitherto unimagined levels of cantankerousness.
A 2002 New York Times article headlined "Power of Positive Thinking Extends, It Seems, to Aging" cited two studies linking optimism to longevity--and four studies tracing longevity to such other traits as "conscientiousness," calmness, pessimism, and even cantankerousness.
It says it aims to do for cantankerousness what the Great American Smoke-Out did for tobacco addiction--purge low spirits from the culture.