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Mr Underwood said they also plied her with cocaine "to make her vulnerable to their campaign", but said she "finally built up the courage" to go to the police, describing Cantle as the "puppet-master".
Cantle believes that the impact of globalisation is creating more inward-looking and fractured communities, as people 'cling to more traditional identities and "hunker down"', and that this has been exacerbated by some political leaders, 'who have seized the opportunity to pursue singular and populist campaigns, which reinforce divisions'.
Sam Cantle had a tough contest against Antony Graham, who the previous week won the European individual title, and lost 3-0.
Prof Cantle, the Midland academic who explored issues surrounding the Oldham and Burnley riots, claimed that it would take at least a generation to bring communities closer together.
Chairman of the report team, Ted Cantle, voiced his concern when ministers ruled out the idea.
Our alliance with Impulse gives our mutual customers the confidence that there are reliable, easy-to-use paths from high-level software algorithms into FPGA-accelerated platforms," said Allan Cantle, CEO of Nallatech.
At Coventry Crown Court Martin Cantle, aged 20, of Avenue Road, Leamington, admitted handling stolen goods.
Newly-qualified Andrew Cantle, 27, had just started with Manx2.
Prof Ted Cantle, a senior government adviser on community cohesion, told delegates: "Even before the Shannon Matthews case, Dewsbury was - and has been - a difficult area for cohesion with a vociferous and intolerant far right on one hand and the presence of religious extremists on the other".
The boys under-19 final provided the upset of the weekend when David Haley from Newport, seeded two, beat favourite Sam Cantle from Wycliffe College in Gloucestershire 3-0.
Attempts can be made to change what Cantle calls "traditional forms of racism", which can be found in communities where parents do not want their children to mix with people from other cultures.
PRIME Minister Tony Blair yesterday defended plans for more singlefaith schools despite the Cantle Report's warning that the education policy could increase ethnic tensions.