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The majority of solid wood produced was in the form of 3-inch thick cants, whose proportional volume decreased with increasing log diameter.
This research adds the yield of lumber, cants, residues, and container parts from red oak in the 6- and 7-inch diameter ranges to existing yield data.
Yield of pallet cants and lumber from hardwood poletimber thinnings.
The 6- and 8-inch two-sided cants were then sent to the Esterer sash gang saw.
After the sawmill operations were completed, all lumber and pallet cants were sorted and tallied according to each sweep scale deduction category.
Curve sawing does not significantly improve pallet part yields from cants with low or intermediate levels of sweep.
As cants from each grade were processed separately through the ripsaws, unusable parts were discarded, and the remaining parts were sorted and stacked by size.
Figure 3 is a schematic diagram showing typical sawing patterns, parts, salvage, and material losses associated with sawing hardwood cants into pallet parts.
The number of cants sampled at each mill and for each species is shown in Table 2.
It is possible that this number could fluctuate if more cants were sampled.
d]) of piles and cants was calculated using the one-dimensional wave equation:
For the octagonal cants, the circumference was measured at each end and the bulk volume was calculated as: