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It was more of a slap than a punch but canvassers have the right to go about their work without being physically attacked.
Eric Lipstein is a canvasser with Clean Water Action in Baltimore, Maryland, who one day aspires to be vice president of the United States.
Nor are GOP canvassers likely to knock on the doors of many Democrats in liberal south Eugene.
Former Clwyd West MP Rod Richards has been cautioned by police for common assault after an incident involving a Conservative Party canvasser
A Labour parliamentary candidate yesterday apologised to a family of mourners who were approached by canvassers as they waited for a funeral.
But the authority is having trouble recruiting canvassers - last year, it could cover only half the necessary rounds and 33,623 homes were missed out.
Simon Hughes could have confronted the homophobic press by stating Tatchell's sexual preference was a private matter, but Liberal canvassers on the doorstep exploited the situation and on three occasions I called at their committee room to confront the Liberals over their tactics.
The report says: "Our experience is that electors are more likely to return their forms by post than hand them to a canvasser.
Look closely at the next political canvasser putting party propaganda through your door, they may not be what they seem.
From the local election campaign trail comes a dismal story about the life of a Conservative canvasser.
We are impressed with the whole team," said Byron Canvasser, board member, father-in-law of Mr.
TELESALES Canvasser Susan Wilkinson has worked at the Examiner for 15 months and loves every minute of her job.