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In an interview before the start of Friday's canvassing, Pimentel, Senate chair of the NBOC, said he required provincial board of canvassers with questionable certificates of canvass (COCs) to be present today so that the NBOC could thresh out discrepancies.
But to ensure as many people as possible are included on the electoral register, it then sends canvassers to visit homes and collect forms by hand.
The chairs of the board of canvassers in these three provinces explained that they corrected discrepancies after being granted authority by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).
Our aim is to give the public a more enjoyable shopping experience without the harassment of canvassers.
Iisang [inaudible] ginamit, iisang balota, iisang Board of Canvassers, iisang mga electronic transmission, Macalintal said in a radio interview.
FORMER Tory minister Rod Richards spent the night in a cell after he punched a Conservative party canvasser.
GREAT news that the council is finally doing something about advertising flyers littering the streets but what about sorting out the street canvassers, surveyors and insurance salesmen?
Tesco last night said it had not given permission for the canvassers to operate in their stores and had issued instructions to their managers to ban the timeshare salesmen from their premises.
Multiple transmissions of votes have marred the 2016 election results in Laguna, Ilocos Sur and Davao del Norte as Congress, sitting as the National Board of Canvassers (NBOC), finds discrepancies in two sets of the certificates of canvass.
Blair's replies - economic growth, better hospitals, improving schools, minimum wage, maternity leave - should be on leaflets stuffed through letter boxes by Labour canvassers.
Guidance for Labour canvassers reads: "If they cannot get to the polling station then a postal vote application form may be completed or a proxy form may be completed.
Pero naniniwala naman tayo na yung canvassers alam kung anong gagawin, Robredo said.