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And several canvassers come in to take a coffee break and relax before being assigned a new turf of 40-60 houses somewhere in the city.
The certificates of canvasses that were electronically transmitted by the city and provincial board of canvassers to the joint Congress would be the basis of the canvass of the National Board of Canvassers," explained Arroyo.
A canvasser might knock on someone's door just to make sure if there is a guest house at a property.
The group estimates that the phony names make up no more than 1 percent of the total turned in by individual workers and says it reviews all of the registration forms turned in by its canvassers.
It was more of a slap than a punch but canvassers have the right to go about their work without being physically attacked.
A Tory spokesman said: "The canvasser did the right thing to report it to the police right away and now he wants to leave it in the hands of the police.
One reader tells how he received a phone call last Sunday from a Labour canvasser saying he was from the local party although, as he puts it, 'he sounded local - local to somewhere inside the M25'.
We will let our policy canvassers live up to their responsibility of providing adequate explanations'' to customers by encouraging them to obtain such certified qualifications, he said.
During a recent foray into Birmingham I had to cut through a great swathe of canvassers.
British Gas say the confusion arose because one of their canvassers had accidentally written the wrong meter number on the transfer sheet.
the canvassers coming door to door just walked away when they discovered that a deaf person answered the door,