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Integration of military air capabilities in a changing aviation sector
The resulting product of a CBA shows redundant or outmoded capabilities, recommends the most effective approach or combination of solutions, and documents the attributes of effective solutions.
We do this by reviewing and discussing some central contributions to the literature on capabilities, dynamic capabilities and innovation capabilities, while seeking to clarify the distinctions between the terms.
Strategic capabilities are unique to a particular company.
"But it is clear within the sample that leading capabilities in workflow, document creation, use of software to support investigations, and multiple channels for FNOL are all associated with lower loss ratios--and significantly so in some cases."
Based on this knowledge, transformed into capabilities, the firm arranges its technological and productive resources in order to generate new solutions of value (innovations).
Unlike many other military capabilities, such as weapon systems or strategic lift assets, which are platform- and program-centric and follow a predictable operational life cycle, information technology (IT)-based capabilities, such as those in the C2 domain are based on technologies whose state of the art changes exponentially relative to time.
And those that do often pursue capabilities, or competencies, separately from the strategy itself.
As transportation and logistics capabilities evolve and adapt, support to the warfighter is always SDDC's primary mission ...
We have an EMEDS-25 that is on alert 24/7, 365, which has some advanced capabilities in terms of being able to deal with a variety of circumstances we might be facing.
These tools are typically supplied with every bridge at no additional cost and includes such features as SNMP management capabilities, email/phone home capabilities, advanced event and error logging with battery backed time stamp recording, link up/down monitoring, SCSI drive health monitoring, temperature and voltage monitoring and many more easy-to-use configuration capabilities.
(1) It also reveals the necessity to begin security preparations early, well before the occurrence, allowing adequate time to address potential training requirements, exercise emergency response capabilities, and implement appropriate corrective actions.