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Life saving surgery is accomplished there, but then those individuals are literally packaged and prepared for en route care with all the life support, with all those capabilities in place.
In certain cases, the RDC process provides an incredible opportunity within the Navy and DoD to get new capabilities fielded quickly.
Exercises constitute a critical mechanism for testing capabilities and can be conducted in a variety of formats, which assist with focusing on specific areas of preparedness and response.
We support global Air Force operations; we assist our friends and partners in achieving the necessary capabilities to protect their interests, maintain security, deter aggressors, and win decisively.
GE continually benchmarks vendors against its internal capabilities.
The OSDL DCL Working Group defined Linux capabilities and assigned priorities based on what companies need in Linux to support demanding, enterprise-class applications such as high-end on-line transaction processing (OLTP) and decision support," said Steve Geary, director of Linux Engineering at HP and chair of the DCL Working Group.
As capabilities of software products migrate toward EMR-type functionality--including improved documentation of pharmacy, laboratory and radiology data, improved risk incident reporting, and the capability to include more focused resident assessments--the original product capability for MDS automation (RUGs reporting with links to billing, as well as RAPs and triggers) will be maintained.
These include costs such as: additional software and hardware that may be required, personnel who may be required to operate the software, technical support and software upgrades to provide additional capabilities or handle additional casting processes.
Company has complete mold design and building capabilities.
SuperCalc offers 3-D capabilities that are very similar to Lotus version 3.
Increase accuracy - New capabilities eliminate spreadsheets and take advantage of existing GL account structure; reduce the opportunity for errors while simplifying comparisons.
First, How shall we defend the communication net on which all our capabilities depend?