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The Surface Mobility Division provides reach-back capability to leverage national partner capabilities and maintains operational awareness of inter-and intra-theater surface mobility infrastructure within the area of responsibility.
For us, our Expeditionary Medical System, our EMEDS--which goes all the way from a one pallet capability that we can put into place with a surgical team and the ability to set up within minutes to hours and begin to take care of patients--all the way up to a theater hospital of 75 to 100 beds, and anything in between, allows us to support the full spectrum of threats that we face.
AIS is fielded in the Navy today primarily via the Rapid Deployment Capability process.
perspective, this configuration of USG CT assets provides first-response capability to a crisis situation, promotes a timely assessment of the incident, and delivers CT capabilities of the USG, if requested.
It is therefore necessary to look for solutions beyond current PCI Express capability.
This resonates well when we seek to build capability, we look below the surface, beyond jets on the tarmac.
A company can draw on managed-services programs for capabilities it needs, tapping an outside contractor to take over an in-house function, or it can partner with other companies to create a mutual capability.
As capabilities of software products migrate toward EMR-type functionality--including improved documentation of pharmacy, laboratory and radiology data, improved risk incident reporting, and the capability to include more focused resident assessments--the original product capability for MDS automation (RUGs reporting with links to billing, as well as RAPs and triggers) will be maintained.
All-electric machines have a window of process capability that is inherently much tighter than what can be achieved at comparable cost with hydraulic machinery.
By having some of the brightest people in our country discuss the latest in precision weapons, targeting, and tactics, you bring even greater capability, thinking beyond the current, and into the future.
PMs are accustomed to addressing these "last dollar spent" questions in order to derive maximum performance and capability from a fixed program budget.
A combination of our commercial partners' capabilities and our ability to leverage those over time gave us a robust capability in Pakistan.

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