capable of development

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The qualities in his kind that in the beginning made it possible for them to come in to the fires of men, were qualities capable of development.
is nothing particular just now, though capable of development.
I thought you were capable of development," said Hippolyte, coming out of his fit of abstraction.
Capable of development in a condition and location that makes the site a genuine option for developers,
The land allocation means that while it was identified as having open land value, it was also judged to be capable of development at some point.
One day, looking at a herd of hippos in theOgoweRiver, he developed his idea of reverence for life: "The greatest evil is to destroy life, to injure life, to repress life that is capable of development.
When we assumed office of the federal government, some doubted if we were capable of development and progress," he added.
Our telephone bill for calls to Dundee must, at this time, have been enormous, but I thought so much of Yeats not only as a good player at that time, but also as a player capable of development, that we had to persist.
Education is a key priority on the Dubai Government's strategic plan which aims to improve the quality of education so as to help build human resources empowered with knowledge and personal skills, and are capable of development of their nation," said Shaikh Hamdan.
Generally, minerals, already being worked or capable of development, together with surface lands in the mining areas are also excluded.
Intilaaqah Syria aims at encouraging youths to consider establishing businesses, giving young entrepreneurs the opportunity to benefit from others' expertise and acquire the necessary skills to start a successful, lasting project capable of development.
A key finding of the report was that the non-BRIC countries investigated are creating new and profitable offshoring opportunities, capable of development even in recessionary times.