capable of development

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The qualities in his kind that in the beginning made it possible for them to come in to the fires of men, were qualities capable of development. They were developing in him, and the camp-life, replete with misery as it was, was secretly endearing itself to him all the time.
is nothing particular just now, though capable of development.
"I thought you were capable of development," said Hippolyte, coming out of his fit of abstraction.
Furthermore, TMC will further advance its manufacturing of ever-better cars by promoting the cultivation of a skilled workforce capable of development that considers a vehicle's overall optimization, rather than function optimization, from the viewpoint of its customers.
To be more effective and capable of development and self-reliance.
The Cabinet said the call also aims to keep Yemen safe and capable of development and prosperity.
Awwad bin Saleh Al-Awwad said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) following the session that the Cabinet was briefed on a number of reports on various issues and latest developments at regional, Arab and international arenas, commending the response of Yemeni parties in Aden and their commitment to the statement issued by the Command of the Coalition for Supporting the Legitimacy in Yemen under the leadership of the Kingdom, reiterating that the objective is to ensure the security and stability of Yemen and preserve the entity of Yemeni State as well as the regional and global security and peace, and ensure that Yemen as an Arab State shall be safe, stable and capable of development and prosperity.
The minister added that Josoor Institute will help create a generation that is aware and capable of development to the benefit of not only Qatar but the entire Arab region.
"This will help create a generation that is aware and capable of development, thereby benefiting not only Qatar but the entire Arab region," he said.
The main figure Chapman follows, Scots bishop Alexander Forbes, rejects Catholic theology after the Vatican Council for being "too much regarded as a philosophic idea capable of development and evolution, not as a depositum once for all given in its integrity" (192).
Despite the attempt to prove that its practice is the secret and divine Gift of the Few, no habit is more natural and more widely spread among primitive peoples or more easily capable of development among wide masses.
The land allocation means that while it was identified as having open land value, it was also judged to be capable of development at some point.