capable of passing

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The terrible results which governesses had predicted from such mental dissipation were certainly apparent now that Cassandra was twenty-two, and had never passed an examination, and daily showed herself less and less capable of passing one.
Ultimately, I believe the American people are better served when the Senate advances legislation thats capable of passing by more than a razor-thin margin.
It will be another tough test but it's one that we are more than capable of passing if the players perform to the levels they can, as they did last week.
It doesn't take a footballing genius to know that a team capable of passing the ball well is a team capable of creating more chances and, in turn scoring more goals.
All of these capabilities will be integrated and accessible via a single, powerful, location API delivered via the ThingPark X platform, which is also capable of passing the data to customer cloud platforms, including IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and AWS.
The characters and themes linger long after the last page, forcing you to consider the pain humans are capable of passing on to each other and the dangers that can thrive in silence.
It is time that Bahraini mothers became capable of passing on their nationality to their children.
Lassen saluted the diligent work of the ISF and LAF during the elections, noting that said elections proved that "Lebanon is capable of passing any future electoral due date.
Several of these applications are currently still running; however, three of the wells that were pulled were capable of passing full API testing following, in one case, a 400-day test period.
When the RS-FEC is turned off, the MSH221 device functions as a standard multi-rate and multi- protocol retimer capable of passing data whether encoded or non-encoded.
It's a test Hearts are capable of passing because they generally score at least two a games.
Perle had the only Device Server capable of passing more than 1 million messages without errors.