capable of passing

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The terrible results which governesses had predicted from such mental dissipation were certainly apparent now that Cassandra was twenty-two, and had never passed an examination, and daily showed herself less and less capable of passing one.
The river bank has been normalized and is capable of passing up to 20 cubic meters of water per second.
The Japanese transmission has earned good reviews and is capable of passing 150-200 thousand kilometers without interference with timely oil changes.
He added that the upgradation program of Head Balloki had made it capable of passing 380,000 cusecs water.
But, he added, if they know what's good for them, they'll avoid other cities that are mulling rent controls similar to New York's and have a Democrat-controlled legislature that's capable of passing them.
The British people are perfectly capable of passing judgement on negotiated-deal, no-deal and remain options if placed before them.
On evidence of his previous showings, he is quite capable of passing the test where every television anchor is going to confront him with clips from his PPP days when he was, 'quite naturally', inclined to not pay any glowing tributes to the leadership of Mr Khan.
He asked them to capitalise on boarding students, adding that such students were capable of passing because they were manageable.
If we don't keep up, we won't be capable of passing the knowledge to our children and contribute anything to the present and future of the country,' he said.
"It will be another tough test but it's one that we are more than capable of passing if the players perform to the levels they can, as they did last week."
It doesn't take a footballing genius to know that a team capable of passing the ball well is a team capable of creating more chances and, in turn scoring more goals.