capable of passing

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When the RS-FEC is turned off, the MSH221 device functions as a standard multi-rate and multi- protocol retimer capable of passing data whether encoded or non-encoded.
It's a test Hearts are capable of passing because they generally score at least two a games.
Only CSST that is capable of passing Standard LC-1027 (PMG Listing Criteria CSST) as modified shall be installed.
Perle had the only Device Server capable of passing more than 1 million messages without errors.
The HDP appears capable of passing the 10 percent election threshold, according to the poll results that I obtained, but one can't be entirely sure that it will.
Maybe the speaker will remember that as his glory days, when his troops were fully capable of passing a big bill that had no chance of making it into law.
And I'd be a fool if I didn't look at Sir Bobby's record and feel capable of passing him.
It is a test they are capable of passing and they look a decent price at 17-10 to claim their first VVCONTINUES page 95
This player must be capable of passing balls to the star studded forward line.
These results are in accordance with the Company's previous assurance that its RIECIUM modules are capable of passing the double standard IEC62804 PID test, which is conducted under conditions of 85 degrees Celsius, 85% relative humidity and 1,000 volts of system voltage bias, for a duration of 92 hours.
Hose to be capable of passing hard incompressible solids up 15% of the hose inner diameter and