capable of resisting

References in classic literature ?
Are these lenses capable of resisting such pressure?
The daily said that the new tunnels were capable of resisting against cement-piercing bombs, adding that identifying the exact location of the tunnels was not simply possible too.
I personally believe this incident is Doha's tactic to distract international attention from their wrongdoing, but I am sure Bahrain is capable of resisting such attacks.
Ultimately, GIW engineers developed a brand-new material technology called Endurasite, claimed to be capable of resisting the effects of abrasion for extended periods.
Some parties' interests in the war are well known: Assad wants to remain in power; Russia wants to demonstrate its status as a great power capable of resisting the U.
But microbes are fighting back, morphing into deadly organisms capable of resisting even the toughest drugs.
A TPM can be thought of as a safe within the system as it is capable of resisting both logical and physical attacks.
The Sultanate is not insulated from such effects, therefore it sought on one hand to address the implications of the financial crisis on the national economy as far as possible and on the other hand to develop a roadmap that can make the Sultanate more capable of resisting and acclimatizing with the fluctuation of world economy.
It is a pity that self-interest makes many employers turn on those least capable of resisting when this type of situation arises.
However, its parents condition it to follow their own way, and the child is not mentally capable of resisting it.
For his part, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia is helping the Syrian authorities in fighting ISIS as the Syrian army is the only force capable of resisting it.
Advising a client on how to dispose of an estate does not count as undue influence; the complainant must show that the client wasn't capable of resisting the changes.