capable of resisting

References in classic literature ?
"Are these lenses capable of resisting such pressure?"
As per FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), an aircraft anchoring system for a single aircraft should be capable of resisting 3000 lbs and 4000 lbs for a multiengine aircraft.
aureus stronger and capable of resisting antibiotics, the researchers said.
In March, American chemical giant Dow announced it had been awarded a subcontract for the Phase 4 along with China's Shanghai Electric to provide on-ground services related to Dowtherm, a heat transfer fluid capable of resisting temperatures as high as 400AC to collect, transport, and store heat in CSP systems.
The government forces "are capable of resisting any terrorists on their own," he added.
He said the PPP was quite capable of resisting and going for agitation, but it didn't want to derail democracy.
The composite is, like the steel version, impermeable to gas and it is capable of resisting the transmission oil and hydraulic fluid.
But, in a Europe adrift and a world on the edge of the abyss, we cannot take away from him the virtue of being one of the last who -- partly owing to his famous "arrogance" -- is capable of resisting the new nationalist international.
The delegation also attended a series of field tests to ensure that the components were free from internal cracks and corrosion defects, as well as being capable of resisting the effects of Dubai's environmental and climate conditions.
The delegation attended a series of field tests to ensure those components are free from internal cracks and corrosion defects and capable of resisting the corrosion resulting from Dubai environmental and climate conditions, said the statement from RTA.
To constitute a political bloc capable of resisting this "powerful political and cultural movement", as Gastao Wagner puts it, we should not only be aware of the lines of thinking of the privatization movement, but also operate upon the places that assign it public legitimacy.
"I personally believe this incident is Doha's tactic to distract international attention from their wrongdoing, but I am sure Bahrain is capable of resisting such attacks."