capable of withstanding

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Tal had not sufficiently recovered from the jaguar wounds to go with the party, but the old man, in spite of his years, was hale and hearty and capable of withstanding hardships.
The new machine is the only ruggedized coffee maker in the industry and was engineered to withstand the harshest conditions with a crush proof chassis capable of withstanding 1,500-lbs.
Conferees advised that diverse infrastructures should be installed; capable of withstanding harmful effects the climatic changes, she said, indicating that engineering is at core of the issue for building installations capable of withstanding harmful climatic effects.
In terms of dmN, a value used to indicate the speed characteristic, bearings now must be capable of withstanding in the order of 1 million dmN, which is approximately 1.
Both families are capable of withstanding 400 VDC for cold switching.
The plug is capable of withstanding upstream pressures up to 1,500 Psig (103 BarG).
Multiblock VHP is entirely made of special materials that are wear-resistant and capable of withstanding occasional or unexpected stress.
Its heavy-gauge steel frame and forks are capable of withstanding impacts, while a brushless AC motor responsively accelerates for smooth direction changes and consistent operation through the battery cycle.
com)-- An extensive line of fiberglass, ceramic and silica sealing tapes, capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 3000[degrees] F, is available from AGIS, LLC, for use in high temperature service conditions.
These improvements together with its robust bearing system, capable of withstanding high side loading, its speed adjustability (300 to 4000 RPM) and speed output signal (36 pules per rev) ensure that the new KinetiMax 54 EB will continue as a favorite choice among designers as it has been for over 10 years in a broad range of applications in medical, instrumentation, vehicle, factory automation and other markets where a minimum operating life of 20.
DJB Instruments UK has launched a complete range of IEPE accelerometers capable of withstanding use at 185[degrees]C.
The Salmon Hygiene Technology line is capable of withstanding extremely heavy use and resisting moisture absorption and associated bacterial contamination.