capable of withstanding

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Tal had not sufficiently recovered from the jaguar wounds to go with the party, but the old man, in spite of his years, was hale and hearty and capable of withstanding hardships.
In terms of dmN, a value used to indicate the speed characteristic, bearings now must be capable of withstanding in the order of 1 million dmN, which is approximately 1.
Made of high-strength, anodized aluminum and service-friendly EPDM or silicone bellows that are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 130[degrees]C (266[degrees]F) and 200[degrees]C (392[degrees]F), respectively, and can be easily replaced in a non-destructive manner if necessary.
If they are to be seen as no more than necessary, the powers under schedule seven must be capable of withstanding scrutiny of their rationale.
The material is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150[degrees]C, and the material is said to have outstanding compressive stress force retention.
Innovative Medical Scope Management System features miniature, durable tag capable of withstanding High-Level Disinfection (HLD) and is fully interoperable with CenTrak's Clinical-Grade Real-Time Location System (RTLS)(TM).
Capable of withstanding typical wash-down media, the VSP+ extends the capability of the standard VSP.
The plug is capable of withstanding upstream pressures up to 1,500 Psig (103 BarG).
The product is made of drop-stitch fabric capable of withstanding high internal pressure.
com)-- An extensive line of fiberglass, ceramic and silica sealing tapes, capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 3000[degrees] F, is available from AGIS, LLC, for use in high temperature service conditions.
The pump Illustrated is a new design which features a polypropylene pump head housed in a steel casing and is capable of withstanding system pressures up to 15bar.
Elements of city's critical infrastructure--transportation, electrical and communication systems--were hit hard by the storm and took too long to come back on line, the mayor said, and the city is now investigating ways to make those systems capable of withstanding a Category 2 hurricane, record-breaking heat wave or other natural disaster.