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You are the only human for miles, and this knowledge just makes your legs stronger, your lungs more capacious.
Collectively they've earned nearly $380 million, enjoying capacious profit margins, given that most of the movies cost less than a Papa John's Super Bowl spot to produce.
Capacious suites, included excursions and even toilet seats that lift automatically are all part of the package and set the tone for six smaller ships being built for the Rhine, Seine and Bordeaux.
Instead of arguing, Samsung has created really fast and really capacious memory cards.
Ranging from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries in Europe, the capacious lap of the Middle Ages contains vast historical periods and a multitude of cultural transitions.
The Deputy Minister listed a series of benefits Kyrgyzstan is expected to receive, including deeper regional integration, more capacious markets, growth of foreign direct investment, use of new technologies and general increase in competition.
According to Lockheed officials, the Defense Department and intelligence agencies are only going to need progressively capacious and precise methods to derive information from data.
There are four good-sized bedrooms, including a capacious master suite, boasting stylish fitted wardrobes.
At my brother's wake, in the capacious dining room of the university Where he taught, our dad stands up slowly to speak about his second Son.
The Starmobile OCTA also features an Octa Core processor by MediaTek and 2GBs of memory (RAM) and 32GBs of internal storage (ROM) making it one of the fastest and most capacious phones available in the market.
Then drop the seed into a capacious paper bag and store in a dry cool place until the seeds begin to drop into it.
If you're lucky though you might still be able to smuggle yourself inside within some unsuspecting hippy's capacious beard to enjoy the live delights on offer.