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"This industry is complex and capacious, it is necessary to subsidize our energy companies to allocate funds and build small hydropower plants, but it is difficult to implement today," said adviser to the Minister of Economy during a press conference in Bishkek, Kylychbek Jakypov during the press conference.
Minister Labour Ansar Majeed Khan directed the consultant company to ensure all the state-of-the-art facilities in the design of the building including capacious parking area, central air-conditioning, fire safety and substitute emergency exit.
He further said that in the '70s there was a concept of cages after which moats were built that had now given way to enclosures, which are quite capacious for animals.
In a world of SUVs and crossovers, it's easy to forget that a couple of companies still build capacious and practical people carriers.
The 737 MAX can offer passengers a more capacious and comfortable flying experience.
Phillips's capacious verse suggests at times the fluid movement of prose as he embarks upon a progressive meditation on memory, weeping, and the impossibility of forgetting, his poems leaving behind a distinctly redemptive residue as they wash over the reader.
The first major European survey of the German-born artist's oeuvre, this show promises a capacious and medium-traversing exhibition spanning three decades of work in sculpture, drawing, etching, lithography, bookmaking, photography, and video.
Aproperty ideally close to the busy centre of Solihull already offers spacious accommodation, but there is still massive scope to extend and make it a very capacious family home indeed.
In these capacious case studies, the author situates South African performance within African diasporic circuits of meaning throughout Africa, North America, and South Asia, demonstrating how performative engagement with archival absence can locate that which was never recorded.
You are the only human for miles, and this knowledge just makes your legs stronger, your lungs more capacious. You know how to skin a rabbit.
Collectively they've earned nearly $380 million, enjoying capacious profit margins, given that most of the movies cost less than a Papa John's Super Bowl spot to produce.
Instead of arguing, Samsung has created really fast and really capacious memory cards.