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And all recent editions of the Army JAG School's Operational Law Handbook--2006, 2007, and 2008--give the following capaciously liberal account of economic objects that qualify as military objectives: (1) power; (2) industry (war-supporting manufacturing/export/import); (3) transportation.
This lyric will be consequential, opening with a grand gerundive phrase and claiming a capaciously exemplary being, the being of these days, along with a Blakean poetic authority--for these are poetical feet as well as the measured tramp of patriarchal possession.
Notwithstanding the inevitable disputation that Gross's phrase "no serious dispute" invites, these protestations offer a serious challenge to those who seek to champion the capaciously wise and human Shakespeare, the author who exposes and critiques, rather than exploits, even revels in, anti-Semitism.
(12) And these rights are capaciously conceived, encompassing Isaiah Berlin's notion of negative and positive liberty, and include freedom from violence and loss of dignity on the one hand and access to education and medical care on the other.
Instead she capaciously reconceptualizes the category of religion.
It would be easy to calculate all this as a form of muting, but what the actors insist is that voice be construed more capaciously, taking into account the work of their bodies and acts, their presence on set as opposed to other Asian actors, and their ongoing speaking selves in interviews and press appearances long after the moment of shooting.
True, it is possible to read Emilia Gould's late revelation that "for life to be large and full, it must contain the care of the past and of the future in every passing moment of the present" as a harmonizing, stabilizing gloss on the novel's form: which, to render Nostromo's "present" moments in "large and full" fashion, must carefully and capaciously enmesh them in an immanent field of history and futurity, itself expressed through the novel's free and full range of analeptic and proleptic shifts (Nostromo 520-21).
(20) John Paul II's most illuminating work on religious freedom took up the burden of Veritatis Splendor: religious liberty is best understood, most cogently justified, and exercised most capaciously only in relation to religious truth--which is, uniquely, Catholicism.
Schlesinger's personal tergiversations to the side, his ambivalence about executive power is a perfect measure of the modern liberals' dilemma: they want a chief executive capaciously adorned with constitutional discretion when it comes to pushing government to carry out their social and economic agenda, but sound constitutional alarms when their own theory of presidential power gets applied to the execution of foreign and national security policies they do not like.
Sometimes a point, sometimes a line, and sometimes a space, 'territory' can flexibly betoken release, vista, direction, passage, frontier, garden, haven, exilium, penumbra, vanishing point, finally and most capaciously: all-purpose elsewhereness.
Why, freedom from "outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment," and "all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples." This is to say, capaciously promiscuous guarantees the parameters of which will eventually be determined not by those whose lives hang in the balance, but by federal judges.
Their homes are larger, better equipped with plumbing and kitchen facilities, and more capaciously furnished with modern conveniences.