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Comparable photographs of other such sites reinforce MacLean's important reminder about the capaciousness of many performance places available to Strange's Men on tour.
So "open" minded and "close" minded allow us to explore the kinship between spatial capaciousness and the mind's capacity to make room for possibilities.
At the same time, however, they reveal a capaciousness in New Netherland studies that is exciting, highly professional, and promising.
Thornton, are both eminent Atlantic historians, but Atlanticists who differ rather dramatically in background, training, interests, foci, and orientations, testifies to the capaciousness of the field.
Pruitt and other attorneys general are resisting the EPA's and the Army Corps of Engineers' contention that the 42-year-old Clean Water Act has a hitherto unsuspected capaciousness.
Perhaps the frame of the short story makes things more intensely perceived than the capaciousness of a novel does.
Relevant to this argument about the relationships between cinema and serial television is the way Mad Men handles this concern through expressive synthesis of screen performance and space, which relies for its impact on a deep intimacy with the series' internal history, and a related sense of the capaciousness and limitations of its future.
Woods ends her contribution to recent testimonies to Milton's continuing relevance with a brief excursus on the contribution of contemporary neuroscience to the discussion of human freedom, where the capaciousness of Milton's mind, she argues, would have made him "quite at home" (197).
The topics include the desire to keep saying yes, a certain capaciousness and "the routine things around the house," the despoiled and radiant now, a manifesto of the spiritual and the sacred, the poet's women and the ordinary mysteries, leaving everything behind in "The Affair," double-teaming, Mount Holyoke 1992, the revision process, scattered notes on a coherent poet, and the quarrel.
It was such a significant advance over Minor Casualties, I wrote him, that it had the range and texture of a lifetime's gathering, more like the capaciousness of Hayden's Angle of Ascent than one of his chapbooks.
Her verses do not paraphrase, do not "boil down," precisely because of their fullness of connection and capaciousness of metaphor.
But institutions that want such ideological unity and focus should be open about it, to avoid hypocrisy and complacency and delusions of capaciousness, and to be aware of the costs which bring us here today.