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Nothing had a circumscribed And narrow influence, but all objects, being Themselves capacious, also found in me Capaciousness and amplitude of mind.
Edson jovially stresses the capaciousness of the genre.
Queer's capaciousness and its ability to trouble and travel across the rigid binaries of sex and gender normativiry are the qualities most valued by those w ho have embraced the term, which perhaps explains why I found most of the essays in the "Theory" section of Straight with a Twist somewhat unsatisfying.
And I will never forget how he responded during a seminar in which some faculty and teaching assistants pressed for a trendier and less religious freshman text: he rose, a majestic lion among carping jackals, to defend the imaginative capaciousness of Chesterton's brilliant work.
Yet all of the poems were embraced by the audience of readers and writers as Christian poems, a capaciousness that I found particularly remarkable since the conference takes place on the campus of a religiously conservative Baptist college situated along the Southern Bible Belt.
The conceptual capaciousness of transport is confirmed by the five separate meanings provided in the OED.
Aijaz Ahmad's critique is relevant here as Ahmad criticized the concept of "third world" on the grounds that when it is applied to literature its imprecision and capaciousness devolved to a form of Orientalism akin to nineteenth-century anthropological thought although at the same time he acknowledged the concept's potential as polemics (4).
Sanders can evade the obsolescence the problem implies if he can eke out areas of his own experience for which Ginsberg, for all his capaciousness, has not accounted.
Political insurgency in these communities was characterized by an ideological capaciousness that manifested itself in populist references to "equal rights" and the "public good.
Yet the steadfastness of his attention to painting and the capaciousness of his results betray a seriousness of purpose that portends much more to come.
They were drawn to the emotional brilliance of language, to the capaciousness and multiple semantic layers of poetic thinking.
Instead a chasm so great lies between the material conditions and contexts of their lives that dignity, as she understands it and in all its imputed capaciousness, cannot cross it.