capacity to understand

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Human intelligence is so meaningful because it is about the capacity to understand whatever may come, when there is no way beforehand to know what may come," says Saxe.
He lacks capacity to understand the difference between the residence of a spiritual leader and a club,' Talal stated.
If we don't have knowledge or the mental capacity to understand the potentialities, socio-economic progress cannot gather speed without them.
On one hand, the project will support the cashew sectors capacity to understand and meet international market standards, while at the same time enhancing its branding as a serious investment destination for cashew processing, and on the other hand, a number of activities will aim at improving the business environment.
We will boost their capacity to understand digital learning processes, to help the government which distributed tablets across the country," said Matthews Owili, who is education and protection coordinator for World Vision.
This new version of PEARL is further proof of our capacity to understand the needs of our clients and to fulfill their expectations, declared said Viken Gazarian, OT-Morpho, Deputy Managing Director of Connected Device Makers business, OT.
He thinks that we can't read and can't see what's written in the brackets, and that we don't have the capacity to understand that he promoted the Albanian language on the entire territory of Macedonia", wrote Ivanovska on her Facebook profile.
pdf) act mandates they must get two different doctors to confirm they have six months or less to live, and the mental capacity to understand and make their own decision.
He has a lifelong developmental condition and has never had the capacity to understand the tenets of Islam," he said in his judgement.
The CQC said the registered manager told inspectors residents were not allowed to leave the home independently because they did not have the capacity to understand the risks of going out alone.
Your capacity to understand widens and you always see the reason why things unfold the way they do.
Respect for persons guides us to ensure patients and research participants have decision-making capacity to understand information, process it, use it to make a choice and express that choice.