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n. slang for maximum, as the most interest that can be charged on an "adjustable rate" promissory note.

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Whether it's substituting a spritz of glass cleaner (43%) for all-purpose cleaner or a capful of dishwashing liquid (38%) for laundry detergent, consumers tend to trust their favorites to pull double duty when their supply of other items runs low.
Consumers simply pour a capful into their toilets to create a thick foam that rises to the rim, coating the entire bowl.
TO KEEP the water in your flower vases crystal clear pop in a capful of clear toilet bleach!
Features: spa-water clarifier is designed to clear cloudy water by removing small suspended particles that filters are unable to capture; highly concentrated formula requires only one capful per week and is not pH sensitive, according to manufacturer
Lois Ross, interior designer and owner of A Step Above gallery, answers: I put about a capful of vinegar into a cup of water and dip a soft, white cloth--a diaper is great--into the water and gently wipe the piece.
Preventive measures include frequent handwashing, especially after diaper changes; disinfection of contaminated surfaces by household cleaners (such as diluted bleach solution made by mixing 1 capful of household bleach containing chlorine with 1 gallon water), and washing soiled articles of clothing.
AT his NGRC inquiry on Tuesday into the positive sample from Deerfield Sunset, Owen McKenna told the stewards he gave his Derby ace a capful of sherry with meals.
GHB usually appears as a colorless, odorless, slightly salty liquid, or less commonly, as a white powder.(16) Users may offer GHB at parties by the capful, teaspoonful, dropperful, or unmeasured swig.
For rinsing, take a recommended dose of fluoride rinse (usually a capful) and swish it around the mouth for 60 seconds.
The one we have learned over the past two decades is that the regulation of the flow of money in politics requires a capful and highly nuanced balancing of interests worked out in the context of real-life situations.
Diphenhydramine syrup had occasionally been given in varying doses, either by capful or dropperful.