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While the former described villous capillary as a long non-branched garland running through grape-like arranged terminal villi, the latter shows a complicated, richly ramified capillary bed of terminal villi connected with dense paravascular capillaries of mature intermediate villi.
Technetium-labeled albumin macro aggregates usually are trapped in the pulmonary capillary bed, and is used for Ventilation-Perfusion (V/Q) scanning procedures.
Yellow light at 590nm improves lymphatic functions and reduces capillary bed congestion that may cause erythrosis or erythema.
1 983, and might be explained by the pressure-volume relationship of the normal pulmonary capillary bed.
Some blood enters so-called short portal vessels, which are sinusoidal vessels that converge on a capillary bed in the anterior pituitary gland.
9) Due to the relative high pressure kon the arterial side of the circulation, this blood mixture contains a relatively greater proportion of blood from the arteriole side of the capillary bed than from the venule side; and, thus, a "capillary-blood" sample obtained by skin puncture approximates closer to arterial blood than venous blood.
The nonsecreted VEGF 188 increases the concentration locally and works cooperatively with VEGF120 to expand the capillary bed.
Although this is a significantly lower pressure than present in the systemic circulation, this pressure is higher than that in the glomerular capillary bed.
It has been posited that cyclic changes of ICP synchronized with mechanical ventilation may be due to cyclic compression of the cerebral capillary bed by mechanical ventilation.
The Laser produces no heat to the tissue and causes vassal dilation in the Micro capillary bed.
Haemangioma may be the result of faulty differentiation of primordial vessels, resulting in an abnormal capillary bed.
The rationale is that pressures created within the thorax through the airways can be transmitted to the alveolar capillaries, causing a mechanical impediment to blood flow through the capillary bed with the resultant increase in PVR.