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Electron microscopy indicated focal fibrils or fibrillar subendothelial deposits with 12–16 nm fibrils, and immunoelectron microscopy confirmed that colloidal gold particles marked fibronectin assembled in the electron-dense deposits in the mesangial matrix and along the glomerular capillary loops.
In terminal villi, their model contains U-shaped capillary loops interconnected here and there with short connections.
7-9) Kim and Jeong examined 21 cases of lupus nephritis, all of which showed diffuse granular deposition of C4d along the glomerular capillary loops.
The use of the ophthalmoscope at high power to look for distorted nail-fold capillary loops is a helpful pearl.
A final anatomical aspect of the glomerulus is the mesangial cells, which are located between the capillary loops.
Essential oils penetrate the skin, reaching into blood capillary loops at the bottom of hair follicles.
Positive PLA2R was characteristically exhibited as granular staining along the capillary loops in the glomeruli.