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- Identify opportunities in the global ethylbenzene industry with the help of upcoming projects and capital expenditure outlook
Projects in Australia, Africa and the Americas will account for 9 per cent of capital expenditure. These include the PTTEP Australasia project and Mozambique Rovuma Offshore Area 1, where a final investment decision is under consideration.
Some PSUs informed that they were planning to increase their capital expenditure programme, which in the aggregate, might be of the order of additional Rs.
* Planned capital expenditure spending on planned (new build) pipelines by major regions in the world (by key countries and companies)
Companies forecast their capital expenditure to rise 3.8 percent in the business year that started in April, versus a 6.6 percent decline forecast in the previous survey.
* Change in capital expenditure: tracks the expected change in capital expenditure both globally and regionally
For his part, Nazareno said part of the capital expenditure will be used for PLDT's international cabling, as a lot of its content is coming from the US.
This measure is preferred to the continuous age of plant measure, as the effect of changes in plant age on capital expenditure is not likely to be constant and because it is not clear how large a change in the age of plant measure is required to signify a substantive change in a hospital's past ability to access capital.
In this paper, we attempt to examine how capital expenditure affects the management of working capital of some listed firms on the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE).
Capital expenditure requirements will mop up a significant chunk with revenue not sufficient to fund capital expenditure requirements" Fitch said.
"Capital expenditure will continue to recover gradually as the year progresses," he said.
Energy company Unit Corporation (NYSE:UNT) on Monday declared its operating segment capital expenditures budget of USD928m for 2014.

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