capital goods

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The Islamic Republic imported 693,000 tons of capital goods, equal to 2.
Foreign trade of capital goods is concentrated in seven countries, i.
This is worrisome feature since capital goods comprise machines used in factories for production and are an indicator of the level of real investment taking place in the economy.
Imports of capital goods have been expanding at double-digit rates since March 2015, which bodes well for overall investments growth in 2015.
The DJSI has named CNH Industrial as leader in the capital goods industry group, which includes 246 companies in seven industries.
The research findings, applying the wall-Wolfowitz Runs Test, based on available evidence supports the claim that the allocation of foreign exchange, in the midst of deep recessionary trends between consumer goods and capital goods was indiscriminate.
Good buying was observed in banking, capital goods, auto and oil and gas sectors, while selling pressure was seen in IT and healthcare sectors.
Economists had expected orders for those so-called capital goods to increase 0.
6 %, while durable consumer goods and capital goods remained almost stable.
In a modern economy, the resources or producer goods available for allocation consist of land, labor, and a bewildering variety of capital goods produced and carried over from the past.
Capital goods are needed for expanding economic activities and consumption patterns in importing countries.
manufactured goods unexpectedly fell in December as did a gauge of planned business spending on capital goods, which could cast a shadow on an otherwise bright economic outlook.