capital invested

See: investment
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Men said that four out of every five fish-balls served at New England's Sunday breakfast came from Gloucester, and overwhelmed him with figures in proof- statistics of boats, gear, wharf- frontage, capital invested, salting, packing, factories, insurance, wages, repairs, and profits.
Following are PEGCC's top 20 states by capital invested in 2014.
Part of its $355 million investment in start ups, Intel's investment wing, Intel Capital invested $62 million in 16 tech companies, including Ossia, the company behind the Cota remote wire-free charging technology.
Arsenal has acquired or controls identified investments for nearly 70% of AREF I's capital and plans to have the balance of the Fund's capital invested within the next 12 months.
Acquiring capital from internal sources requires that executives determine the opportunity cost of capital invested to back businesses and strategies.

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