capital outlay

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In the manufacturing sector, automakers and steelmakers have remained bullish in their capital spending projections for the fiscal year that began April 1, while electronics makers, paper/pulp makers and oil refiners plan to slash capital outlays, it noted.
From January to October, the government spent P442.7 billion on infrastructure and other capital outlays, up 11.8 percent from P395.8 billion in the same 10-month period last year.
For that month, capital outlays surged 22.6 percent to P51.6 billion while current operating expenditures went up by 10.3 percent to P149.9 billion.
According to an RBI study, the multiplier effect of capital outlay by states is higher than that by the Centre, as it is more growth-inducing.
The higher the level of capital outlay, the higher the possibility of public investment in rural infrastructure.
Money for this purchase would come from ambulance receipts and free cash and is not part of the capital outlay exclusion.
The capital outlay for the three services in 2013-14 was `86,740 crore while the actual expenditure was `78,872 crore.
It's believed the demand is being fuelled by the need for flexible office accommodation and by reluctance to invest heavily in property requirements, with serviced offices providing flexibility without a substantial capital outlay. Companies are also committing for longer when compared to 2012, with initial licence periods increasing from eight months to ten.
This is a significant capital outlay that needs to be carefully managed.
Taipei, May 30, 2012 (CENS) -- Chunghwa Telecom may boost its capital outlay to NT$37 billion this year, a 10-year high, in order to achieve 100% coverage for 100M high-speed broadband network next year, two years ahead of the original schedule.
Summary: JEDDAH: Saudi businessmen are considering setting up a development bank in Egypt to provide opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, beginning with an initial capital outlay of 1 billion egyptian pounds ($170 million).
In this study, the 21st Century School Fund (21CSF), with support from the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities, examined the state capital outlay funding for elementary and secondary public education facility construction and modernization.