capitalize upon

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Although the industry is keen to capitalize upon the desired changes, this will only be possible though effective collaboration with clients and with the government.
Many aliens capitalize upon this "harmless foreigner" image and look at the U.
Our DeliverE database expansion permits MatchLogic clients to further capitalize upon our permission-based email service, one of the most efficient and successful direct marketing tools in the industry.
We've opened up a maim of possibility that the professional pharmaceutical companies can now try to capitalize upon.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) filings, is well positioned to capitalize upon this growth and expand its current business.
More importantly, their executive management has an accomplished track record and a deep understanding of the opportunities within the emerging consumer driven healthcare industry and how to capitalize upon them.
The new Investor Fact Sheet describes PSVI's research and development initiatives dedicated to the creation of next-generation green technologies that capitalize upon multibillion-dollar markets in industrial coatings and protection, packaged food preservation and key agricultural industry segments.
PHOENIX -- ILX Resorts Incorporated (AMEX:ILX) a leading developer, operator and marketer of upscale flexible-stay vacation ownership resorts in the western United States, announced the creation of a new subsidiary, FPB Holdings Incorporated, to capitalize upon a concept to be known as "First Piggy.
Our ability to identify and capitalize upon scalable opportunities in inefficient markets has distinguished Equity International, creating substantial brand value and goodwill," said Gary Garrabrant, chief executive officer of Equity International.
We will endeavor to capitalize upon these developments and work to achieve further developments with the goal of maximizing value for our stockholders.
We believe his addition will help us to capitalize upon the opportunity to expand our wealth management division and allow us to better serve the needs of our growing customer base.