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CAPITATION. A poll tax; an imposition which is yearly laid on each person according to his estate and ability.
     2. The Constitution of the United States provides that "no capitation, or other direct tax, shall be laid, unless in proportion to the census, or enumeration, therein before directed to be taken." Art. 1, s. 9, n. 4. See 3 Dall. 171; 5 Wheat. 317.

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is eliminating capitation fees for individual physicians and resuming fee-for-service payments.
Focusing on the capitation fee phenomenon, which has been used by various classes and social groups to strengthen their political and social base for economic gains, the author has examined nineteen privately-run professional colleges in the state of Karnataka, where this phenomenon has been widespread and where caste, class, and power combine to treat education as an enterprise.
As per the bill, if an institute makes certain promises in its prospectus, but does not deliver or charges capitation fee from a number of students, then such practices should be considered criminal offences.
Collection of large amount by way of capitation fee running into crores of rupees for MBBS and post- graduate seats, exorbitant fee, donation, etc, by many of such self- financing institutions has kept the meritorious and financially poor students away from those institutions," the bench observed.
The bench also condemned the practice of some schools charging capitation fee, saying it is prohibited not only in the RTE Act but also in the Delhi School Education Act and the rules framed under it.
New Delhi, Dec 16 (ANI): The Capitation Fee Scam has once again gripped Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting S Jagathrakshakan, after a leading news channel uncovered a demand for capitation fee by Balaji Medical College, a subsidiary of the Bharath Institute of Education and Research (BIHER).
The Lal Bahadur Shastri Hockey Tournament Committee said HI has not cleared the event despite the teams and venue being booked, and the organisers are ready to pay the capitation fee.
Complaints such as screening of parents, interviews of children, demands for capitation fee and irregularities in the selection lists of schools crop up in the month of March when the admissions are in their final stages.
The scandal of high capitation fee and seat auctioning in medical colleges in Tamil Nadu and neighbouring Karnataka states continues to haunt many parents and students alike.
The Bangalore- based anticorruption branch of the CBI registered a case two months ago against unknown officials of the college and the Central Council of Indian Medicine ( CCIM) on charges of cheating, corruption and collecting huge capitation fee from students.
The sleuths were also looking for evidence to corroborate information that these educational institutions have been illegally demanding and taking capitation fee for admission to various graduate courses, including engineering and technology, business management and medical science.
Also, under the proposed changes, no school will be allowed to charge any capitation fee ( directly or indirectly) from the students.