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CAPITULARIES.The Capitularia or Capitularies, was a code of laws promulgated by Childebert, Clotaire, Carloman, Pepin, Charlemagne, and other kings. It was so called from the small chapters or heads into which they were divided. The edition by Baluze, published in 1677, is said to be the best.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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110-13), and immediately preceding the much better-known first Capitulary of Theodulf of Orleans (pp.
In the dedication, Handl recalls the time they spent together, a reference that has been generally assigned to the early 1570s, when Rueff was serving as capitulary at the Melk Monastery.
The articles in fact range more widely than this suggests: literacy in government; dispute settlement; ecclesiastical wealth and poverty; the Coulaines capitulary; Frankish historiography; Louis the Pious' last years; Charles the Bald and sovereignty; royal ritual; imperial models for the Franks; Nithard and knighthood; women at Charlemagne's court; early medieval women historians; end `women and the word' (where `word' has both its Christian and its usual sense).
In 884, the last capitulary signalled that everyone now set about his neighbour per vim; "apres moi, la violence" was the message of Carolingian state culture -- and the old school took it at its word.