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CAPITULATION, war. The treaty which determines the conditions under which a fortified place is abandoned to the commanding officer of the army which besieges it.
     2. On surrender by capitulation, all the property of the inhabitants protected by the articles, is considered by the law of nations as neutral, and not subject to capture on the high seas, by the belligerent or its ally. 2 Dall.

CAPITULATION, An agreement by which the prince and the people, or those who have the right of. the people, regulate the manner in which the government is to be administered. Wolff, Sec. 989.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But he stressed the need for Pakistan to mark the difference between 'reconciliation and appeasement' and 'reconciliation and capitulation'.
This is 'near capitulation' 16th percentile since Asian equities bottomed in the global recession and the Opec oil boycotts in 1974.
And he decided that capitulation was the ultimate strategy," Varoufakis told the BBC.
He said: "If we weren't to make the play-offs it would be the biggest capitulation ever.
When I looked "capitulation" up in my Thesaurus, it was surprising how few suitable alternatives there were - there was "surrender", but that was another word that had cropped up frequently in my recent posts.
EVENTS 1943: General Dwig| | Eisenhower, above, tells the world of the secret capitulation five days earlier by the Italian Government.
Galle: Former Pakistan players on Monday criticised the national team's capitulation in the first Test against Sri Lanka, blaming defensive batting on the final day for the seven-wicket defeat.
On May 8, the flags of Ukraine and the European Union were painted on it, with the words "Europe Day instead of Victory Day" in reference to the celebrations of the Day of peace and unity in Europe and of the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in the Second World War both marked on May 9.
Thrills, spills and English capitulation. Marvellous.
The Reds players sat in stunned silence in the dressing following Monday night's gut-wrenching late capitulation at Crystal Palace.
FULHAM 2 HULL CITY 2 FELIX MAGATH blamed mental frailty for Fulham's late capitulation against Hull as they blew a two-goal lead and were left staring relegation in the face.