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noun abandonment, acquiescence, assent, compliance, consent, docility, giving way, obedience, passiveness, passivity, recedence, recession, relinquishment, resignation, submission, submissiveness, submittal, unresistingness, yielding
Associated concepts: confession, nolo contendere, plea of guilty
See also: capsule, compromise, concession, hornbook, resignation

CAPITULATION, war. The treaty which determines the conditions under which a fortified place is abandoned to the commanding officer of the army which besieges it.
     2. On surrender by capitulation, all the property of the inhabitants protected by the articles, is considered by the law of nations as neutral, and not subject to capture on the high seas, by the belligerent or its ally. 2 Dall.

CAPITULATION, An agreement by which the prince and the people, or those who have the right of. the people, regulate the manner in which the government is to be administered. Wolff, Sec. 989.

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And he decided that capitulation was the ultimate strategy," Varoufakis told the BBC.
He said: "If we weren't to make the play-offs it would be the biggest capitulation ever.
I'm sure some will think me harsh in my judgment and others will say I've been too lenient, but one thing I believe there would be general agreement on is that there have been many more capitulations in 2014 than there have been in any other year in the last decade.
REPORT: SEE PULL-OUT Gutless SHERWOOD FUMING AT SHOCKING SPURS CHELSEA 4 TOTTENHAM 0 BY ANTHONY CLAVANE capitulation down to, Sherwood said: "A lack of characters.
The NIAC study concludes that, "it is highly unlikely that the regime will succumb to sanctions pressure when no proportionate sanctions relief is put on the table by the P5+1, and capitulation is seen as a greater threat to the regime's survival than even a military confrontation with the United States," the paper said.
But does this mean that the government is ready for capitulation.
PERHAPS the saddest aspect of Arsenal's capitulation in the San Siro, a 4-0 hiding which had an eerie end-of-an-era feel about it, was that Arsene Wenger no longer seems to trust his own instincts.
The opposition accused the prime minister of capitulation and public demonstration of incapacity to integrate Macedonia although he promised the integration in his election program.
Issues such as capitulation, US forces' freedom of action, detention of Afghan nationals and US troops' extraterritorial missions for chasing enemy combatants are among the US demands allowed by the draft agreement, "and the Afghan government has no right to prevent the aforementioned," Seyhoon added.
Peter Hanson and Anders Hansen are a shot behind, but the story of the day was Graeme McDowell's capitulation as he fired a ten-over-par 81 in his third round.
Capitulation "We've got to concentrate on ourselves and go out there and put on a good performance - and we are capable of doing that.
While many sections of the Australian media have gleefully swooped on the capitulation of Andy Flower's side, Roebuck believes the tourists can retain the urn if they keep their composure.