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Our upcoming film 'A Capriccio of Forest and Earth' takes as its motif the academic work and real-life projects of plant ecologist Akira Miyawaki, the film's 85-year-old protagonist.
Capriccio and Birthday Letters (1998), as well as Howls and Whispers (1998), the so-called "strays" of Birthday Letters, are included in Hughes's Collected Poems (2003).
Alternatively, they can sketch or photograph several important objects in town and then make their own capriccios.
Shostakovich's woodwind arrangement of two Domenico Scarlatti pieces, Pastorale and Capriccio, found the Sinfonia on top form in a performance of neatly worked detail and well turned phrasing.
Fair play, though, to the funny Manchester lass outside Restaurante Capriccio.
The Renaissance is at the heart of this study, but later chapters also examine the evolution of drawing practice in Rembrandt, in the eighteenth-century capriccio (Hogarth, Piranesi, the Tiepolo, and Goya), and, as an epilogue, in Picasso.
Also on the programme is Rimsky-Korsakov's Capriccio Espagnol and Dvorak's New World Symphony.
The choice of instruments does make a difference: in the incomparable Capriccio sopra re fa mi sol that opens both recitals, I am inclined to favour Stembridge because of his more effective projection of the piece's almost hallucinatory contrasts (which Frescobaldi at his most turbulent, for example in the ninth toccata of the second book, is hard pressed to equal).
Capriccio, by Richard Strauss, at the Metropolitan Opera, New York.
It is a capriccio in which the classic and the modern are caught and held in an embrace by the same, never to be repeated melody.
Resembling earlier Atex systems, WES was developed for Atex's EdPage and Capriccio pagination products.