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Stories about Alexa's capriciousness started circulating almost immediately after the device was launched, but these could be filed under "teething troubles".
Trumpian capriciousness may have become riotous elsewhere, but it has cultivated some certainty here.
"An epic tale of fantasy where young men fight for their freedom, young women learn the capriciousness of the human heart, and nothing is ever as it seems." - Meghan Lloyd from Lady With a Quill Book Blog
Recently Foreign Policy magazine carried an article titled 'Is Trump Ready to Dump Pakistan.' Given Trump's current state of capriciousness and ignorance in foreign policy, doubled by the appointments of national security adviser John Bolton, a hardcore nationalist, and Mike Pompeo as the new secretary of state, Islamabad may become a pariah state.
If this wholesale reform makes real inroads into the problems of enrolment, quality and discrimination against girls that bedevil Pakistan, it may prove a template for other countries similarly afflicted," says the report.The Economist report cites some reasons for the old system's failure, including terrorism, poverty, graft, and the government's neglect and capriciousness.
I'm not minimising Trump's capriciousness or cupidity.
The US like any other democratic nation has the authority to set up their embassies in accordance to their own wishes, which are not subject to the capriciousness of other nations, whothruthe UN seem to think that they are a one world government onto themselves.
About common man plight he said the common man was mired in abject poverty and in the maelstrom of illiteracy they display a dignity and authenticity that is in stark contrast to the capriciousness of the pseudo westernized elites.
The capriciousness of gold is evident if you look at what happened to anyone who bought at the peak of the 1971-81 bull market in the metal.
The sheer number of these boards is bound to give any passer-by the impression of social capriciousness in those areas and that would have many negative impacts on house prices.
She's not so much imitating Hepburn as paying homage to her, cultivated mid-Atlantic accent and daggered stare firmly in place, a thoroughbred heiress of spoiled, judgmental capriciousness. She's quick to criticize others while conveniently overlooking her own flaws.
A Chicago South-Sider who was raised as a Catholic, Don--a violent, volatile fighter pilot--ruled the family with his capriciousness and black moods.