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Earlier, the FIA had claimed to arrest three human traffickers faith healer Mahboob Shah, Mudassar and Shafaqat in connection with the same boat capsize incident, and now another such claim has been made.
Dahanu (Maharashtra) [India], Jan 14 ( ANI ): All missing students in the boat capsize that took place off the coast of Maharashtra's Dahanu town have been accounted for as recovered, Dahanu Coast Guard stated on Sunday.
Chinese authorities blamed bad weather and failures in judgment by crew members for the cruise ship capsize in the Yangtze River that killed 442 people on June 1.
Further investigation is underway to find out what has caused the vessel to capsize.
The capsize trials had to show that this youngest generation of rescue vessel is actually capable of righting itself.
Fortunately the capsize happened only about 50 metres from the shoreline.
Sunday Mirror cruise expert John Honeywell said a capsize on that scale is almost unheard of.
The incident was reported to Swansea Coastguard after a member of the public saw the lifeboat capsize off the beach near Slade and dialed 999.
Also practice capsize recovery and sudden immersion in water.
Witnesses said water had started gushing into the boat, that led to the capsize," he said.
This is frequently accompanied by large angles of heel that can cause considerable damage and may lead to capsize.