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It is not known if he was on board at the time of the capsize.
They had capsized on the second windward leg but came back to lead the fleet home, before a spectacular capsize on a gybe as the crew went at it a bit too hard.
Fortunately the capsize happened only about 50 metres from the shoreline.
The boats very rarely capsize -- they'll be fine today.
Sunday Mirror cruise expert John Honeywell said a capsize on that scale is almost unheard of.
The incident was reported to Swansea Coastguard after a member of the public saw the lifeboat capsize off the beach near Slade and dialed 999.
Kolb said bombs were exploding on neighboring ships and as his ship began to capsize, he jumped overboard and swam to an officer's boat that was adrift.
Saturday in the Pacific Ocean off Cape Irago, causing the boat to capsize.
Also practice capsize recovery and sudden immersion in water.
Witnesses said water had started gushing into the boat, that led to the capsize," he said.
This is frequently accompanied by large angles of heel that can cause considerable damage and may lead to capsize.
Larne councillor and boating enthusiast John Matthews said: "A boat can capsize so easily and people need to be aware of how dangerous the water can be.