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5 kilometers southeast of where the vessel capsized.
All the ferry passengers were travelling to attend a festival at a shrine when their boat capsized, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Thatta Haseeb Afzal said, adding, the boat had more passengers than its loading capacity.
Around 80 pilgrims were on their way to a shrine 'mela' (fair) when their boat capsized in the open sea, Thatta Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Haseeb Afzal said, adding that the boat was overloaded with passengers.
A spokesman of Dera Ghazi Khan Police told Radio Pakistan that during exercises the police boat was pulled in a water whirlpool due to which it capsized in river.
He added that two of the three boats that were being used capsized in Syamorzero lake because of the bad weather.
She said about 550 others are missing from a smuggling boat that capsized on Thursday morning after leaving the western Libyan port of Sabratha a day earlier.
org/article/7135d796d1704163b8e86c66c4c050df/un-700-migrants-feared-dead-mediterranean-shipwrecks) AP  by phone Sunday that an estimated 100 people are missing from a smugglers' boat that capsized Wednesday.
They claimed that it took Dubai Police 45 minutes to reach the site where the boat capsized, saying that means they swam a huge distance.
Motorized boat M/B Tawash was carrying 37 passengers from Iloilo City and was bound to Jordan Wharf in Jordan town, Guimaras when there was a pugada (squall), which is characterized by sudden strong winds and rain, and the boat capsized.
Earlier in the day, Odessa regional authorities said that the boat with 33 passengers and three crew members onboard capsized at about 3.
Reports of the capsized vessel reached the Coastguard at around 2pm.
DIVERS pulled three people alive from inside a capsized cruise ship in China yesterday and were searching for other survivors, state media said.