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Mr Doyle said the toll makes the capsizing "the single biggest incident of dead and missing this year" on the Mediterranean, after two other shipwrecks off the Libyan coast in January and February that each left 100 people dead, or missing and presumed dead.
Picture shows a boat carrying asylum seekers 200 kilometres north of Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean hours before capsizing
capsizing at 90[degrees] and hitting the water with the paddle maintained in the best position;
Several tugs and rescue teams were called in to help the capsizing oil
The probability of capsizing can be roughly predicted with this formula: Beam (in feet) [(Water displacement in pounds / 64).sup.1/3]
The RNLI said two all-weather lifeboats and three inshore lifeboats were launched after the laser-class dinghies taking part in a race off Teesside began capsizing with some of the craft ending up more than two miles from the shore.
The coast guard said the 498-ton freighter Hotoku Maru, with five people on board, and the 749-ton tanker Seto Maru, with six members on board, collided on a mild but foggy ocean about 9 kilometers off Cape Inubo at about 5:55 a.m., capsizing the freighter.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Oct 24 (ANI): One person was confirmed to have lost his life in the boat capsizing incident off the coast of Mumbai on Wednesday.
THATTA -- PPP Senator Sassui Palijo offered condolence to the family members of the people, who died in capsizing of a boat few days ago.
Boat capsizing incident takes place from time to time in India.
However, Interior Ministry spokesman Rami Kl said another 40 bodies were washed ashore since the capsizing at al-Qarbouli, 50 kilometers (30 miles) east of the capital.
Shaba said it was unclear whether overloading was to blame for the mid-river capsizing but said the vessel was "very old", like many of the boats operating that route.