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Picture shows a boat carrying asylum seekers 200 kilometres north of Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean hours before capsizing
capsizing at 90[degrees] and hitting the water with the paddle maintained in the best position;
Several tugs and rescue teams were called in to help the capsizing oil
The probability of capsizing can be roughly predicted with this formula: Beam (in feet) [(Water displacement in pounds / 64).
The strong winds resulted in a lot of boats capsizing and some of them being carried a long way out.
However, Interior Ministry spokesman Rami Kl said another 40 bodies were washed ashore since the capsizing at al-Qarbouli, 50 kilometers (30 miles) east of the capital.
General information: Capsizing by broaching-to is the most dynamic mode of ship capsize, resulting from loss of controllability in severe following/quartering seas.
Mike Hughes, from the Durham Amateur Rowing Club, said the crew of four plus a coxswain were trained to deal with their boat capsizing.
The local fishermen, who were in close proximity, rescued 11 students, when they saw the boat capsizing.
After capsizing, Le Bon sold the yacht, now called the Arnold Clark Drum, but it is being loaned to him this year by its owner Scottish entrepreneur Sir Arnold Clark Le Bon hopes to raise awareness of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution by participating in the race.
The race organisers realised the number of boats that were capsizing and alerted the coastguard and emergency services.