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Additionally, the retention of posterior capsular ligaments in this joint can also be the beneficial factor to restrict lumbar movement.
Early functional conservative therapy of fresh fibular capsular ligament rupture from the socioeconomic viewpoint.
He described the ligament as a "pearly, resistant, fibrous band," and since then, that piece of our anatomy has been variously referred to as the"(mid-third) lateral capsular ligament," "capsuloosseous layer of the iliotibial band" or now, definitively, the "anterolateral ligament." And as if it isn't enough that the biological sciences are still discovering parts of the human body in the 21st century, consider this: The 2013 paper that unveiled the identification of the ALL proposed that "further studies are needed to investigate its biomechanical function." In other words, we still don't fully know what the ALL actually does.
Until now, the enigma surrounding this structure has been reflected in a variety of confusing names for it, including, as the authors point out, the "(mid-third) lateral capsular ligament," "capsulo-osseous layer of the iliotibial band," or "anterolateral ligament"--and a clear anatomical description had not been forthcoming.