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developed and debuted an aluminum closure called Alusof, which it describes as offering the same appearance of a tin capsule but at much lower cost.
Sprinkle" capsules--with contents of powders and/or multi-particulates, or bead formulations if the powders have a strong flavor or taste--allow for oral administration by simply opening the capsule and sprinkling the contents onto soft food.
It's the only time capsule we have in our stores but we are always interested in different ideas and suggestions for capturing and preserving the past.
A proposal has been received to replace gelatin capsules with cellulosebased capsules which are of plant origin and are safe for use compared to animalbased gelatin capsules.
Integrity of band/capsule seal was measured by capsule body area compression tests using a TA.
A hypothesis that explains the rupture of the posterior capsule because of blunt ocular trauma is based on Wiegert's ligament that attaches the anterior cortical vitreous to the posterior lens capsule.
This capsule also resist to deep waters, laves and major disaster.
The capsule's outer envelope, which has a heat-resistant structure, was also transported with the capsule on the same chartered plane after it was found near the capsule in the desert.
Diagnostic yield was significantly greater in 66 patients randomized to undergo capsule endoscopy than in 70 who underwent dedicated small bowel contrast radiography (30% vs.