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Thermal paper is coated with leuco dye and capsulized phenolic developer.
Readers, he fears, may want more capsulized, bite-sized stories - in short, shallow and inadequate coverage.
The idea was to present four sections, labeled News, Money, Life and Sports, and to emphasize a prescribed quantity of information, often capsulized, but news nonetheless.
5) Furthermore, in Konacari Velickovic has reduced and inverted the emblematic global time-and-space span of the war-novels in favor of a capsulized museum space, a time span covering but a few months and a limited number of characters, in order to highlight a singular ethnic and cultural diversity of Sarajevo and the fundamental impossibility of reducing the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina to an ethnic clash.
As noted earlier, Table 5 presents a capsulized summary of the findings on 8 different measures used to characterize the five groups.
The most disturbing episodes of Dog Soldiers are scenes from Vietnam early in the novel, the war's depravity capsulized in this snippet of a Marine's conversation: "What I think about .
She capsulized the item increases and adjustments in the budget (locally and for the church's greater mission), paused for questions and, hearing none, matter-of-factly continued: "I move the acceptance of my report and, on behalf of the board of managers, the approval of this budget for 1995.
But Frazier capsulized the main concern of all three panelists in just two words: "Pare down.
The black press, when not writing full articles with photographs, capsulized Louis' scheduled day-to-day activities and sometimes featured daily sketches on Louis' life.
One aspect of TCE that has met repeated criticism from the side of behavioural organization theory is its narrow view of human motivation, capsulized in the assumption of opportunism (Donaldson 1990a, 1990b; Griesinger 1990; Perrow 1986: Chap.
Mayor Lieberman capsulized the sentiments of the Board when she said: "Whether we have the wherewithal to carry through with the direction we have started here will test our resolve, because it will take strong leadership to stand firm and be out front to advocate our position.
Each capsulized critique notes author, title, objectives, strengths, references, limitations, and overall recommendation.