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It too is about structural experimentation at an elemental level and thus capsulizes much that has been central to Dieste's career.
"The times they are a changin" isn't just an old Bob Dylan song, that phrase capsulizes the 1990s, especially for electric cooperatives (Parker, 1990).
Robertson's use of the term "ghetto" to describe the conditions and attitudes with which women and minority reporters at the Times are shackled capsulizes a most troubling conclusion: in view of the myriad indignities that persist, how can the Times (or any publication with such a reputation) hope to recruit and retain talented women and minorities?
4) Use an attention-getting headline that capsulizes the whole release by telling exactly what the release is about.
robertson capsulizes the court's forty-three-page opinion at the end of the first paragraph: "A single issue is presented: May a guardian order that all nutrition and hydration be withheld from an incompetent ward who is in a persistent vegetative state, who is neither dead...nor terminally ill?
Corral, the showpiece of most Earp narratives, capsulizes the essence of the myth.
Then Basil Pennington, OCSO, capsulizes the history of the Trappists in America, particularly their struggles to maintain the contemplative charism amidst the changes initiated by Vatican II.