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Opportunities abound for followership and leadership roles as in captainship, curatorship and cheer leadership.
The mission of the maiden voyage of a shiny, new Starship Enterprise under the captainship of director JJ Abrams is to revitalise a flagging franchise.
One such station is Radio Rock, under the captainship of Quentin (Bill Nighy).
If a company commander failed to acknowledge his first sergeant, platoon leaders, platoon sergeants, and Soldiers during a change of command speech, and instead claimed his/her success was a product of captainship, what would our reaction be?
Chapters chronicle Fox's naval service from his debut as a midshipman in 1838, to his participation in the Coast Survey, his captainship of a steamer that traveled from New York to Havana to New Orleans, to his crucial role in the effective blockade of the southern coast during the Civil War.
Taking up captainship in team games inculcates leadership qualities.
Marchand (1969: 281) includes some LME--ship(e) derivatives, such as workmanship, captainship, prrtectrrship and wardeship.
During the substitution, the main coach gives the player2 order to hand the captainship over (handCaptainshipOver () message) and the player1 the order to become the captain (becomeCaptain () message).
As a result, Hormel has been given category captainship in the ethnic foods aisle in several large U.
That evening a friend came round: she had been all day on the barricades with a troupe of theater people, under the captainship of Armand Gatti.