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But it is precisely because of this tension, precisely because of the depth that the human soul has acquired (91) and the conflicts that now inhere within it that one finds in the "evening sky" of European culture, "the most attractive, captious, and choicest part of those plays of color and seductions to life." Life on earth has become pregnant to a degree hitherto unfathomable and the "artists among the spectators and philosophers are--grateful for this to the Jews." (92)
He is granted the power of a tyrant even though he is stubborn, perverse or captious. He is allowed the power of a tyrant though he is incompetent or negligent.
an uneasy and contingent adherence captious to both.
According to a study, decrease in colony size below some critical (captious) value may enfeeble breeding behavior to the extent that breeding declines, resulting in the disappearance of the colony as a breeding unit (Summers-Smith, 2003).
As they dispute with their captious arguments, their debate produces nothing of truth.
That is reason enough not to indulge in captious polemics against spirituality without religion.
Captious specialist readers will naturally notice small errors of fact and interpretation.
Their captious remarks naturally hurt King, but they did not negatively affect him, for people along the highways and byways of Mississippi had received him quite warmly as he got the chance to listen to their concerns and to speak empathetically to their needs.
Nowadays there is a huge competitive surrounding and the aspect of service quality is commonly known as the captious determinant required for the good outcome of a company.
It places beyond the reach of all but the most captious critic any claim that the events portrayed did not occur." (31)
If anything, he is more captious and petty on his return than he had shown himself to be prior to his journey.
And wasn't Herr Muschtag perhaps ideal, with his captious rhetoric and adequate truths, as a model for Camille Desmoulins (or vice versa)?