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Lately, however, this "dark humor" has become even more ill-tempered, captious, and--to put it lightly--ungallant.
He extracted a captious tooth for me the other day first rate.
During the ensuing decades, however, it increasingly appeared as gratuitous scandal-mongering, snide and captious television punditry, or overblown feeding frenzies over small-bore pseudo-scandals.
Watch out, Jared, this constituency is both captious and crabby.
This mood has grown upon me, until now Any design my captious fancy makes The picture of its wish .
In 1934 he graduated from the energy department of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, and after examination of interview on the knowledge of physics and mathematics at the captious L.
But it is precisely because of this tension, precisely because of the depth that the human soul has acquired (91) and the conflicts that now inhere within it that one finds in the "evening sky" of European culture, "the most attractive, captious, and choicest part of those plays of color and seductions to life.
an uneasy and contingent adherence captious to both.
As they dispute with their captious arguments, their debate produces nothing of truth.
That is reason enough not to indulge in captious polemics against spirituality without religion.
Captious specialist readers will naturally notice small errors of fact and interpretation.