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He hung well over the parapet, as if captivated by the smooth rush of the blue water under the arch.
And here she was now, in her elderly days, with the Coriolanian style of nose and the dense black eyebrows which had captivated Sparsit, making Mr.
Could there have been anything like her present disjointed volubility in the fascinations that had captivated him?
For never have I known Sophronia (who is not apt to take sudden likings) so attracted and so captivated as she is by--shall I once more?
Winkle joined them, exhibited in full lustre the same beaming smiles and sparkling eyes that had originally captivated him.
2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- CAPTIVATED BY YOU , the fourth book in Sylvia Day's #1 International bestselling Crossfire series, which includes #1 international bestseller Bared To You, and #1 New York Times bestsellers Reflected in You and Entwined with You, debuted as the #1 bestselling book on The New York Times(in the Combined Print/eBook, Trade paperback, and eBook categories), USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly lists, among others.
Set in 1899, England is captivated by a fierce, vulgar trapeze artist called Fevvers.
By turns free spirited and disciplined, whimsical and unsentimental, earthy and sophisticated, the city founded by merchants has been a model of modernity from the start Always focused on making money and making art, golden-age Amsterdam didn't have time for the spiritual hysteria that captivated other 17th-century cities.
From shopkeepers so captivated by Marguerite they encourate her to touch and experience everything, to the comfortable indolence of a cat who sees every place as home, to the quiet vibrancy of medieval-style villages and much more, A Year Of Sundays is an extraordinary and captivating journey following adventures both without and within.
He first moved through Dadaist circles in Zurich and Geneva, where he "invented" abstract photograms using scraps of paper and textiles, later dubbed "Schadographs" and also on view here; he had a short career in Italy, where Renaissance painting captivated him.
Standing alone at the microphone, accompanied by the 75-member Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and the 60-member Northridge Singers, the likable, eager-to-please Watson captivated the elegantly dressed crowd at the plush new venue.
A delightful and uplifting story, "Heidi" is a triumph of love, friendship and forgiveness that has captivated readers' hearts for over 100 years.