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The land issues official, Ak-Sai border detachment chief visited the site, they told Tajikistanis to return to their territory, but Tajiks beat 2 servicemen and captivated them.
Mr Brown added: "It was terrific to see the children's imaginations captivated by such a magical performance and for them to be able to take the book home and re-live the experience".
So captivated was the Fly that he wondered what Plumpton has been doing so far with the oodles of money that Savill, wearing his other hat of BHB chairman, did so much to bring in through the Attheraces deal.
It is supplied either unassembled or with screw installed and captivated.
The atmosphere of Caux captivated him and his wife, the poet Zinaida Mirkina, who accompanied him on two later visits.
Beatrix Potter's animal stories have captivated young readers for well over a century and remain as charming and engaging today.
Although these plays, with their overtly mathematical themes and number-enthralled characters, have especially captivated mathematicians, they have also attracted remarkably diverse and enthusiastic audiences.
The audience in this work is captivated, but the laugh track does all the laughing.
You will instantly be captivated by Ni No Kuni's visuals.
Set in 1899, England is captivated by a fierce, vulgar trapeze artist called Fevvers.
She will captivate movie audiences, just as Eva Peron captivated the Argentine people, with not a dry eye when she sings Don't Cry For Me, Argentina.