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The Captivating Curls line includes a de-frizz leave-in creme, scrunching mousse and a gel and creme twist, which is a blend of two products.
With such strong performances it's difficult to pick out one or two but Nicholas Tennant's Asdak was truly captivating.
From the majesty of their bounty, over millennia the Greeks have spun a cuisine of sublime and captivating dishes.
Artists can build real-time, optimized 3D models with the robust production-proven modeling tools in plasma and integrate these models into captivating multimedia presentations using Anark Studio's intuitive interactive authoring environment.
His latest stop along that creative road is titled Obon: Tales of Rain and Moonlight, which, like Kwaidan, is an adaptation of three Japanese ghost stories and features puppets, props, and captivating sound and visual effects.
That means captivating the minds of young children by exciting their interest in the sciences.
Whether these tag lines are in fact true is less significant than the way in which a rhetoric of the true is able to make the mean, the outlandish, and the violent all the more captivating.
Though brief, Chinese Fables is thoroughly captivating and presents valuable nuggets of wisdom transcending the life experiences of millennia.
As these three desperately needy youths make their cathartic journey into larceny, they are buoyed by Bunin's captivating dialogue and the impressively intuitive staging of Paul Nicolai Stein.
It's told in a captivating manner that makes it hard to put the book down.
Salem's manuscript, which reads like fiction, is captivating as it reveals the relationship of Johnny Ace to other well-known figures of the period such as B.