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Mayurbhanj (Odisha) [India], July 5 ( ANI ): A captivating video has emerged from Odisha's Mayurbhanj where a scorpion can be seen toting her babies on her back.
Get your copy of The $10 Trillion Prize: Captivating the Newly Affluent in China and India and learn the secret of how to win them.
A beautiful, captivating book which the youngest of children will want to listen to and look at again and again.
A fine guide to this mysterious and captivating culture, enhanced with maps and charts, "Travels to Mayan Sites" is a must for anyone planning a vacation to the area, or who is fascinated by the Mayans.
A full scale conflict ensues, in this captivating novel of home and profit.
According to Unilever spokesperson Heather Mitchell, the Captivating Curls, Waves of Envy and Daring Volume lines were designed as total beauty systems intended to encourage consumers to use the full line of products.
That isn't captivating." That is a great point: Captivate is designed as a software simulation tool, not a PowerPoint conversion tool.
Finishing off a captivating set with the classic Whiskey In The Jar, which had even this hardened hack singing along, the only mystery is why such a talented bunch of musicians have never had major success.
The set was sparse but thanks to brilliant use of music and video (by the theatre collective Fusion) as well as captivating performances, it never seemed empty.
As well as being a piece of original research, it is also a captivating personal account of the challenges encountered in expeditions to remote, inaccessible and often hazardous locations.
Although I believe The Joshua Tree to be a spiritual novel about fate, it is a captivating read.
"The best science writing is clear, captivating, intelligent, provocative, imaginative, graceful, and funny when the humor is natural," states Alan Lightman in the introduction to this compilation.