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In this chapter she captivatingly used the sea as a metaphor for experiences that go beyond conventional categories and one that included the meeting of the two Oceans at the Cape in "memories of slavery".
While the book has the simplest of plots, the story is very captivatingly told.
The children played captivatingly, including part of Vivaldi's Four Seasons and a work composed by one of their own, Stephen Deazley, called Tuba Train, complete with sound effects.
There's something captivatingly familiar about Sally Hawkins on screen, which makes her ideal as everyone's favourite mum in Paddington.
Mitchell's work on Hardy in the subsequent chapter is captivatingly self-reflexive as it explores the ways in which "the split between the knowable text and the unknowable person exists not only for the reader of the novel but also with the novel itself' (71).
Among the works in Ewa Juszkiewicz's exhibition "Pukle" (Curls), one stood out as even more captivatingly surreal than the others.
Deliciously seasoned with flamboyant flavors, captivatingly aromatic, and visually appealing, this unique torte is a first-rate holiday entree that delivers plenty of pizzazz.
Captivatingly written, the plot totally grips you from the start.
More captivatingly, Mojzes argues that the Croat Catholic Church provided the moral support for exterminations and killings, some priests became even directly involved in the process (p.
His career seemed destined for a meteoric upward trajectory until an affair with a captivatingly beautiful Christine Keeler condemned him to the most spectacular fall from grace in the nation's political history.
More interesting is the tale of Tunny (played by Thomas Hettrick) who gets seduced into joining the army (in the captivatingly staged number "Favorite Son" and a memorable outing by Jared Young), is wounded, and has a long recuperation.