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If his command of Ligeti's surrealistic Breughellandscape was total and clear, the pleasure he took in it was equally so, and captivatingly contagious.
Each picture might have been taken with one push of a single button, but their tantalisingly simple yet captivatingly complex nature means that it takes a lifetime of knowledge and dedication to do it like this.
Captivatingly entitled Jawaher (Jewel), the booklet presents the collection along with designer accessories, jewellery, homeware and much more from regional talents such as Zumorrod (Bahrain); Ajooba (KSA); Bukanan (KSA); Kanzi (UAE); Sohad Acouri (UAE); Nawader (UAE); Jacky M (UAE); Arushi (UAE); SHADOW - By Bait Hanayen (KWI); and Barakat Crystalite (KWI).
Under normal circumstances, television and videos may be so captivatingly interesting to young children that they have difficulty learning from these media," said psychologist Sarah Roseberry of Temple University in Philadelphia.
The 18-year-old, whose ruddy cheeks and youthful looks bely a growing maturity on the pitch, was captivatingly good in the Co-Operative Insurance Cup final.
Captivatingly named Lux et Umbra, it actually held out until 1915 when it underwent lengthy reconstruction under famed architect Marcello Piacentini.
She is captivatingly different in every picture," Fox News quoted DeLillo as saying.
In addition to considering the early nation-building experiences in both countries, Sheinin captivatingly disCusses how the role of the frontier also played "a key ideological, economic, and political role in shaping national development" (p.
It's an intriguing finale to a captivatingly quick read.
Excellent structure and beautiful balance, captivatingly powerful and elegant at once.
Captivatingly written from Bernie's point of view, it is heart-wrenchingly realistic yet hopeful in its portrayal of childhood needs, teenage angst, and adult struggles.