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solider was not held accountable for the deaths of the two girls, but in line with the politics of captivation, the tragic event was one instance in a long history of perceived injustice felt by South Korean citizens.
In favoring rationality and alienation over sensual pleasure and captivation, staging attempts to democratize thought--to distribute the capacity for rational critique--yet appears to have been coopted "in the days of proliferating, hypermediatized screens and frames" (25).
Sir Anthony's captivation by Breaking Bad, however, has put him at odds with Oscar-winning US director Oliver Stone, who has attacked the show for its violence and suggested that, were it to be shown in the cinema, it would be "laughed off the screen".
Louise Martin CBE, Chair of sportscotland, who run the fund, said: "We are well placed to capitalise on the growing captivation surrounding next year's Games as we continue to expand Scotland's stock of excellent facilities and provide more and better opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to participate in sport and physical activity.
A compelling tale of beliefs and captivation, but mainly in the romantic sense, because everyone who sees the Corporal's Wife is truly captivated by her beauty and aura.
This section appears to have been included only as a tribute to Pryor's long-standing captivation with the Crusades.
Meg Rosoff's new introduction pays tribute to the author's work and to the classic qualities of reader captivation her writing generates: Corgi, 7.
Herzog's film centres on Timothy Treadwell's captivation with grizzly bears living in the wild, a captivation that Treadwell himself documents and that ends tragically when he and his partner are devoured.
Furthermore, socio-cultural factors like captivation, importation and sale of wild birds as pets should also be considered as salient factors, which can enhance the spread of pathogens from wild birds to humans.
Darcy agrees that "'there is meanness in all the arts which ladies sometimes condescend to employ for captivation.
But it's important to notice that it's also a scene of inscription where freedom and captivation mingle indissociably, of dreaming into wakefulness and waking to sleep again.
Influence pedalling due to such captivation is at its peak.