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The team, knowing the Philippine context and applying this to the task at hand, narrowed down the 'must' roles of a successful president to five: (1) navigator/strategist, (2) mobilizer, (3) servant leader, (4) captivator and (5) guardian of the national wealth, patrimony and law and order.
'Captivator' and several gooseberries that ripen to rosy red offer good resistance, as do 'Jonkheer van Tets' and a few other varieties that ripen to red.
It may be that traditional journalistic storytelling won't work on a tiny screen; newspapers will have to adopt a "multisensory" mind-set, in which less text is more (and functions differently, more as a "captivator," less as an explicator), where headlines, sound and video snippets speak volumes, and readers are in constant active control of their experience.
Invicta produces a crop of delicious large green fruits which keep their shape when cooked, while the red fruiting Captivator is a good dessert variety, sweet enough to be eaten fresh and nearly spineless for easy picking.
With simplicity in mind, Golden Key-Futura will provide archers with the new Captivator drop-away arrow rest.
Ironically, Lucy Prince's biographer transforms her into the captivator, rather than the captive:
This system incorporates a "Captivator" and "Activator" trigger setup.
"This one's called the Captivator and I love them because I can pick my breasts up or let them down.
VideoLogic, located in Cambridge, Mass., produces the Captivator card, which captures fullmotion or single-frame video in real time from a camcorder, VCR or videodisc.
3.25 Sandown Sporting (50:30:20:10) 12-15 Dank, Ladys First, 9-12 Irish History, 8-11 Clinical, Captivator, Falls Of Lora, 7-9 Making Eyes, 6-8 Gathering, 5-7 Moone's My Name, Burke's Rock, Princess Of Orange, 3-5 Dalkova, 1-3 Night Lily, Sweetnessandlight, Villeneuve, 0.5-2 Epernay.
The bushes are notoriously prickly, so look for thornless varieties such as 'Captivator'' or 'Pax''.
DONCASTER: 4.35 Fremen, 5.10 One Kool Dude, 5.40 Ashva, 6.15 Fareer, 6.45 War Poet, 7.20 Destinys Dream, 7.55 Captivator.