captured person

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When one reads this book it is interesting to note that the status of a captured person could affect the treatment of the individual by the Americans.
Thus, the main criteria while determining whether or not a certain object is the image is possibility to identify captured person.
The captured person is now under investigation," he added.
The captured person was in contact with the security department of the exiled government in India, the spokesman said, adding that the figure was involved in the establishing of an underground network and had recruited 12 people.
Another British official outside Afghanistan, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Britain's interpretation of its obligations under the Geneva Conventions and international law required that the status of any captured person, as a prisoner of war, must be determined by a tribunal before he or she is held in British custody or turned over to the US.
lt;p>The source added "The captured person is called Ihsan Ali Hussein and resides in Muthana province, but he was hiding in Babil province for the last two years," noting that "He is wanted for justice in accordance with 35 arrest warrants issued by Muthana Investigation Judge for charges related to killing and torturing civilians as well as conducting armed activities to disturb security situation in Muthana and other southern provinces.
Commanders at all levels are responsible for captured persons (CPERs) operations.
The Army Courts of Inquiry are carrying out investigations on allegations with regard to civilian casualties during the final stages of the war and of summary executions of captured persons.
25, the Joint Operations Command said that security forces within Anbar Operations Command captured persons wanted on terrorist charges.
The captured persons, who claimed they were health workers, were later known as Morong 43.
These restrictions encompass the types of munitions that can be employed, the capacities in which Soldiers can be used, the areas in which Soldiers can operate, and the handling of civilians and captured persons.