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Dunbar oli tahtsaks keskuseks ilmselt juba brittide ajal ja hiljem kujunes seal valja anglosaksi caput.
Bristles: nine long, two short on caput in mid-dorsal line; two long, one short anteromedially; eight long, 12 short hairs between PME; four long, two short between ALE and clypeus edge.
17) See the Corpus Iuris Canonici, Decreti Pars Secunda, Causa XXII, Quaestio iv, caput xxii.
Embora o caput da lei tratasse da extensão aos trabalhadores rurais do regime de previdência e assistência social urbana, o regime não-contributivo sugerido pelo artigo 2 e já praticado pelo Funrural/Prorural produz um segmento beneficiário diferenciado.
She herself points out that only after Martin V and then Paul himself had effectively destroyed all political opposition of both barons and commune (she does accept Gregorovius's triad) did the papacy again revive the theoretical claims for the city of Rome as the caput orbis and font of all spiritual and temporal authority.
He had placed his agents in the Foreign Legion in Viet Tri and in Hanoi, around the communist cell, in the colonial administration as well as in the household of Caput, (secretary of the Socialist Federation of Tonkin) long before Frey and Borchers' first meeting with Truong Chinh and other members of the Central Committee.
The resemblance between Trimalchio and Seneca's hostile portrait of Maecenas has long been noted, (11) especially in their physical appearance: Seneca's Maecenas appears in public wearing a Greek cloak that left his ears exposed, we are specifically told, like a rich man's fugitive slaves in mime (sic adparuerit, ut pallio velaretur caput exclusis utrimque auribus, non aliter quam in mimo fugitivi divitis solent, Ep.
Where is the commemorative plaque to show that Arthur was born at Caput Bovian (Boverton) in the Vale of Glamorgan?
Est qui nec veteris pocula Massici nec partem solido demere de die spernit, nunc viridi membra sub arbuto stratus, nunc ad aquae lene caput sacrae.
8) "Sed his praemissis, humiliter mihi dolendum videtur, quod in toto schemate nullum inveniatur speciale caput quod agat de aliquo statu in Ecclesia, qui est maximae nobilitatis et sanctitatis et--ad incrementum Mystici Corporis Christi--maximae fecunditatis: scl.
The Hong Kong government classifies private schools into five major categories: CAPUT schools (CAPUT), Bought Place Scheme (BPS) schools, Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) schools, local private independent schools (PIS), and international schools.
tum quoque marmorea caput a cervice revulsum gurgite cum medio portans Oeagrius Hebrus volveret, Eurydicen vox ipsa et frigida lingua a miseram Eurydicen