car parts may have been stolen

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Country: United States of America
State: Texas

A friend of my husbands bought a truck for parts. He wanted to make a trailer out of the bed of the truck. My husband went and picked up the truck on his trailer and was going to make the bed a trailer for his friend. A couple of days later a detective went to my husbands grandmothers house (where the truck was on the trailer) and said that it was a stolen truck and they told his grandmother that she had to sign this paper to let them cut the lock off of his shed. If she didn't sign it, after they got him for grand theft auto, they would get her for having a chop shop. She is 82 years old. Anyway, they confinscated the trailer with the truck. My husband tried to call this detective the next day. He left him 5 messages, and the detective never called him back. The truck is not stolen. The guy they got it from has a mechanic's lein on it. But now they have had the trailer so long that we can't afford to get it back because we have to pay storeage fees for them having it. It has been about 4 weeks now, and no detective has called back yet. What do we or can we do about this?


Based on what you say here, you could probably file suit against them (or at least threaten to do so) in small claims court or in regular court; filing in small claims court is easier and requires no could try to collect all of the costs and damages that you suffered due to their behavior.
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