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Country: United States of America
State: North Carolina

I purchased a new 2004 right hand drive jeep wrangler for my job as a mail carrier. At about 30,000 miles, it started running hot, very hot. I had it in the dealership numerous times. They put in 2 thermostats, shaved the heads, had to put in a new motor block, replaced the radiator, then the water pump went out. All this was while the car was still under warranty. I was worried about losing coverage at 36,000 miles, so I bought an extended warranty at a cost of $1500.59. At about 42,000 miles, I started having trouble with the transmission. I took it into the Dealership. They said the transmission was going and oh by the way we made a mistake selling you the extended warranty because the Jeep is used on a mail rte. They applied the 1500.59 towards the transmission repairs and charged me $300.09 additionally. I bought the warranty in good faith. The mistake was theirs and I think they should have honored the warranty. The Dealership is Gerry Wood Jeep/Chrysler in Salisbury, NC. I would like a refund of the entire amount, do you think I have a case and where should I go to get this done.


Based on what you say here, you could probably file suit against them (or at least threaten to do so) in small claims court or in regular court; filing in small claims court is easier and requires no could try to collect all of the costs and damages that you suffered due to their behavior...
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