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Burdock and Carabin (2004) remark: "Importantly, a substance must be found safe; it is insufficient to show only that there is no conclusive evidence that the use of a substance is unsafe" citing (Hutt and Merrill, 1991).
Carabin, H., Gyorkos, T.W., Soto, J.C., Joseph, L., Payment, P., & Collet, J.P.
Pour l'heure, la seule etude historique dont nous disposons qui s'attarde a l'arriere-fond intellectuel de Pax Romana au Canada francais, est incluse dans les quelques pages que Nicole Neatby lui consacre dans son ouvrage Carabins ou activistes ?
First Orafti Research Conference (1995), cited in Carabin and Flamm (1999).
Carabin H, Krecek RC, Cowan LD, Michael L, Foyaca-Sibat H, Nash T, Willingham AL.
Philippe Carabin has been named chief executive officer of Eliokem International.
Denise Carabin. Paris: Honore Champion Editeur, 2007.
The taxi driver, who has given a statement saying Richardson was in his taxi, is father of cocaine baron James Carabin.
Il publie dans les journaux etudiants Carabin et Vie etudiante des articles consacres a la theologie, a l'education, des critiques de spectacle et dans les revues universitaires Hermes et Pedagogie et orientation.
Philippe Carabin has been appointed chief financial officer.
The problem is, according to Ioana Carabin, MD, president and medical director, Women's Health Sciences Institute--a 501 (c)(3), non-profit organization--and a consultant to Burdock Group, Washington, D.C., the process for claim substantiation, especially as it pertains to qualified health claims, remains very complex.