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This class of compounds delays intestinal carbohydrate absorption, reduces postprandial glycaemia, and helps manage diabetes.
It is important to inform patients that food products that are high in fat, such as chocolate and chips, are not ideal choices for correcting hypoglycemia because fat delays carbohydrate absorption.
Medications that Slow Carbohydrate Absorption ([alpha]-glucosidase Inhibitors)
These results suggest that Rosa damascena might exert an anti-diabetic effect by suppressing carbohydrate absorption from the intestine and can reduce the postprandial glucose level.
* Insulin needs might increase as a consequence of the improved carbohydrate absorption that accompanies intestinal healing.
The glycaemic load may be interpreted as a measure of the blood glucose- and insulin-raising potential, as it represents the rate of carbohydrate absorption (indicated by the GI) and the quantity of carbohydrate consumed.

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