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This class of compounds delays intestinal carbohydrate absorption, reduces postprandial glycaemia, and helps manage diabetes.
Acarbose (Precose[R]) and miglitol (Glyset[R]) slow carbohydrate absorption in the small intestine, thereby giving the pancreas time to secrete sufficient insulin to moderate postprandial blood glucose levels.
Hence, [alpha]-glucosidase inhibitors can prolong the processes along the entire intestine, lengthen the duration of carbohydrate absorption, reduce the postprandial plasma glucose levels and suppress postprandial hyperglycemia (Gao et al.
Insulin needs might increase as a consequence of the improved carbohydrate absorption that accompanies intestinal healing.
The glycaemic load may be interpreted as a measure of the blood glucose- and insulin-raising potential, as it represents the rate of carbohydrate absorption (indicated by the GI) and the quantity of carbohydrate consumed.
Published clinical trials conducted at the University of Minnesota Veterans Affairs Hospital showed that a particular mulberry leaf extract stabilized blood glucose levels and inhibited carbohydrate absorption in type 2 diabetic patients by reducing the body's absorption of sugars and other carbohydrates.
EN's Guide to Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer (listed alphabetically within each section) Factor How It Works What May Lower Risk Fiber (insoluble) Slows carbohydrate absorption, blunting insulin secretion.
Evidence suggests that diabetes risk can be lowered by consuming dietary fibers that slow carbohydrate absorption, including glucomannan, a traditional Japanese food isolated from the konjac root (related to yams); and psyllium, the laxative Metamucil's active ingredient.
The drug, which works by delaying carbohydrate absorption when taken before meals, would be expected to lower postprandial glucose levels but probably does not affect fasting glucose, Dr.

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