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He mixed ordinary whiting (carbonate of lime) with a solution of carbolic acid in boiled linseed oil.
ANSRJ.16) showed the retention time (RT) of 5.3 min which is similar to the RT of standard Carbolic acid (Fig.
He had observed sewage workers clean the waste with a sweet-smelling liquid containing carbolic acid. Lister began to apply sewage cleanser to the wounds of his patients and reported remarkable recoveries.
Carbolized catgut was also used to tie vascular pedicles and cotton saturated with a solution of carbolic acid was used to dress the wounds.[sup.2]-[sup.4]
Lister moved to Edinburgh in 1853 and, seven years later, took the chair of clinical surgery at the University of Glasgow, where he successfully introduced carbolic acid to sterilise surgical instruments and to clean wounds.
He develops antiseptic surgical methods, using carbolic acid to clean wounds and surgical instruments.
In the 1940s, a Belgian chemist mixed carbolic acid and formaldehyde to create the first synthetic adhesive.
The carbolic acid in the soda will eliminate smells while the water rinses the spot clean.
Although not a pesticide, Jeyes Fluid (a carbolic acid) was mentioned by two respondents as being used to control pests.
For disinfection of discharges, carbolic acid was used in strength of 1 to 10.
If free water is present, strong carbolic acid is produced which is highly corrosive," she said.